I used to go to a Catholic high school. I bet none of you are surprised by that. I kept my uniform, it’s hanging up in my bedroom closet right now. I kept it because by the time I graduated I knew I could use it for more than just school. It stills fits perfectly and I bring it out now and again for special occasions. Such an occasion came up yesterday.
     I met an older guy online and we chatted for a while. We started talking about fantasies that we had but never had a chance to act out and he mentioned having a school girl fantasy. I’m no stranger to being a naughty school girl so I told him I’d make his fantasy a reality. We set up a time to meet and I got out my old uniform.
 I got to the hotel before he did and got ready. I put my uniform on, with no panties, and moved the chairs in the room so they were in front of the table. I sat down and waited for him. He finally came and when he entered the room he looked nervous but excited.
     “Good morning, Sir.” I said and he blushed.
     He took his jacket off and sat on the edge of the table.  He leaned forward and told me that he was very disappointed in my behavior and that when I had skipped class I had missed an important test. I would have to make up for it with an oral exam.
     I told him I was sorry and that I would do a very good job on the test. I undid his jeans and pulled out his dick. He was big and already rock hard. I gave it long, slow licks up and down the shaft, giving special attention the underside before focusing on the head. I ran my tongue around it in slow teasing circles. I ran my tongue over his slit, lapping up his pre-cum before taking him deep in my mouth. I felt him hit the back of my throat and began sucking. I let nearly all of him slide out before taking all of him back in. I began playing with his balls, squeezing and rubbing them in my hands. They felt nice and heavy. He tensed and said he was close to cumming and to stop what I was doing.
     He pushed me onto my back and lifted my skirt up around my hips. He spread my legs and pushed into me. I was so wet that he slid right in. He got into a steady rhythm and I moved my hips to match it. I wrapped my legs around him and clenched my muscles. It didn’t take him long to cum and I soon felt him dripping down my thighs.
    I went up to get changed and leave but he told me he wanted me to leave the room with my outfit on. He lay on the bed and watched as I smoothed down my skirt. I stood still so he could inspect my uniform and he told me I was his favorite student. I said “Thank you, Sir.” and left. I felt the front desk agent looking at me when I walked through the lobby but I didn’t care. I’m good looking enough to pull this look off at any age and in any place.