Rough Sex, Bruised thighs, and Sore Holes is what I Needed

Rough Sex. Is there any other way? *wicked smile* Let me tell you what happened. What was supposed to be my weekend alone, Started off with a bang, a big hard Rough sex kinda bang.

My Saturday night started off just soaking in a bubble bath trying to relax and unwind. I was shaving my legs, running the razor in slow smooth strokes over my Long legs. I was already turned on. It seems I stay that way.  I began shaving my pussy, short taught strokes. Stripping the hair from my mound, and away from my pussy lips. My fingers teased my pussy. I was so wet I could feel my slickness, even in the Bath. Being this turned on, only meant one thing. I needed a hard rough fuck, and I was going to get it.

Toweling off my hair, that now smelled like sugared almonds. I stood naked in the Bathroom, rubbing the fog off the mirror. My phone rang. It was Jay. Was this a fucking coincidence, or destiny?

I told him I was lonely. To which he countered “Awww, do you need some company?” It was less than 10 minutes before he was at my door. I met him wearing one of his old Guns n’ Roses T-shirts and black lace panties. So aroused, and like an animal seeing it’s dinner after it hasn’t eaten in days. I pounced on him.

I wanted rough sex, no kissing, no sweetness. Just Nasty hard rough sex.

Wrapping my arms around him, kissing him hard between each word. ” I. Need. You. BAD.” He started Undressing and he picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. I licked, kissed and bit his neck. Lying me down on the bed, he ripped my panties off. Grabbing my smooth legs, Jay pulled me so my ass hung off the edge of the bed. “This what you want?” He spanked my moist pussy hard with his thick dick.

I begged for it. I needed his dick so bad.

Jay Rammed his dick all the way inside me with one hard shove. It hurt so well. Pushing my thighs with his hands, I felt his fingers dig into me. Our bodies clapped. It was only minutes before I was cumming all over him. He felt me cumming and pulled his dick out to show me how wet I had made him.

Jay grabbed and flipped me. Pawing at my ass, grabbing it, slapping it. I knew what he wanted, to give me a deep hard ass fucking. The head of his dick opened my ass and stretched me, I screamed!. Pumping harder and faster Jay used me, I was his toy to Fuck. Pushing so deep, I made my ass clench around him, and his cum flooded my ass.

It was worth being sore all weekend. I love that used feeling as long as it ends with me filled with cum.

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