Anal sex stories – All Stretched ou

Love Anal sex stories? I got one for you… and we don’t even know the ENDing yet.. pun kinda intended.

I Bought this new set of Anal plugs from my friend that owns this little sex novelty shop that I frequent a lot when I want to get something quick instead of waiting for it to come via snail mail. Buying new butt plugs? sounds like a great start to Anal sex stories, huh? I’m hoping they bring me lots of ass hungry cocks!

Normally I like using my little metal jeweled plug, but I have a new “friend” or *FBWB*, and I know his cock was really fat (he’s sent me pics). We have talked a lot of shit to each other, and I’m hoping his mouth isn’t writing checks his COCK can’t cash. I love when I can utilize my naughty phone sex skills in my personal life. *Giggles*

So Honestly I’ve felt like I’ve been training for a COCK triathlon. Last time I trained for anything I was one of many sweet college girls, pledging, and trying to see who could get a condom on a cucumber using only their mouth.

The first one I only wore for 2 days, and I wore it everywhere.

The first one is just your average plug, nothing exciting about it and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Which I live having plugs in, I love the sensation of feeling “full”. I’ll do anything just to feel my pussy and ASS filled and stretched, including hot sexy nasty humiliation phone sex. That’s what dirty little subservient sluts do after all, and I know my place.

The second was a bit of a challenge, Mmmmm it stretched me so nicely, I wore it for 4 days. The first day was quite painful as it stretched me, fighting for position in my tight little ass. That night, I decided I needed to help the training along, so I fucked myself with that yummy medium-sized plug while vibing my clit…

I came all over. I even pulled the plug out slowly and moved it all around in my cummy pussy to re-lube it, and slipped it right back in my ass. Anal sex would be an addiction for me.

Now tomorrow morning, I’m going to push the last and biggest plug in my ass. I can’t wait to feel the sting, the burn and the stretch. I’m going to gently stroke my clit, and as my stroking and finger fucking grows more intense, I’ll dip that pretty plug in my sweet pussy juice and push it firmly into my ass.

I’m gonna wear this big ass butt plug while Having HOT cheap phone sex all day!

I can’t wait to feel his big cock in my ass.

Wanna help me train? Maybe you and I can have some fun creating our own Anal sex stories?
Perhaps you want some training yourself? Star in your own naughty Anal sex stories!

Yum. either way baby, we can stretch it out, and fuck it good.

This End UP.. and open wide

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