Fantasy Sex Stories- Strap on Sucked & Asshole Fucked

Fantasy Sex Stories always get you HOT. I love hearing when a guy just can’t stop thinking about one of many Fantasy sex stories he’s lulling over that’s been locked away in his spank bank about me. This is one of those Fantasy sex stories that will make you crave hot phonesex, more than ever.

You knock on my door. When I answer it, I see you standing there in a trench coat. I invite you in and ask if you would like a drink. You ask for a glass of wine and go wait for me in the living room. When I come back with your glass of wine, you are sitting on the couch wearing your new outfit a strap on. You tell me to get on my knees and start sucking that big SEX TOY. You tell me to make sure I’m nice and sloppy cause this is the only lube that’s getting used tonight.

As I suck your cock, you sip drink your wine.

When you finish the glass, you tell me to strip down and lay on the couch with my ass hanging over the edge. You put my legs up over your shoulders and guide your cock into my tight ass. As you shove your cock deep in my ass, you see my cock twitch a little and you grab ahold of it. You spit on my cock and then start stroking as you fuck my ass. You tell me to reach up and play with your tits while you fuck me.

As you feel my cock start to tighten, you stop jerking me off and pull out. Commanding, you then tell me to get on my knees so you can fuck me doggie style. You then proceed to fuck me, but don’t touch my cock. You fuck me until I cum without you even touching my cock. As I cum, you reach around so that I cum in your hand. You then pull out, tell me to flip over and then feed my cum to me.

Mmm, wanna taste your cum? Eat it from my hand

Fantasy sex stories always leave you thinking, craving and wanting more.

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