Rough Sex With My Best friend part 3- Dirty sex is best with NO CONDOM

Dirty rough sex is the BEST sex. There I was, wanting to scream! I honestly didn’t want him to stop. I came all over his cock. BUT the whole time I was dreaming that it was Danny. I wanted Danny to fuck me like he described so many times during our phone sex calls.

( If you want to know how I got to this point with Danny, Please Read parts 1&2 )

Dirty Rough Sex is The BEST…


As he was going limp in my pussy I heard the door open with some force. It was Danny! He walked towards us. Danny towered over us.  He told my client his time was up. Firmly pulled my client off of me and saw his bare dick flop out of me. Danny’s face looked like he saw a ghost…I felt so bad. My client grabbed his clothes and literally ran out naked. Danny walked over to the door and closed it. I knew Danny would yell, I expected him to be upset. But he asked me “Anna, are you ok? Need anything?”

I needed him to be a slave to his sex

I wanted to cry but I jumped up and ran into his arms. His Hug turned me on so much. He let go of the hug and put both hands on my face and brought my lips to his. Then Danny stuck his tongue in my mouth. My knees got weak. Danny caught me. He carried me over to the couch and asked if I was ok. I grabbed the back of his head and put my tongue in his mouth.

Finally, Tasting Danny, I got so caught up in the moment I forgot I just sucked my clients’ dick and he just came inside of me. I pulled away.  I told Danny I needed to get cleaned up. Danny pushed me back on the couch and spread my legs. I’ve written so much erotic literature in this very spot, and now I’m going to have the BEST SEX, in this same spot.

So many stories of HOT SEX

I got fuck hard. Danny Listened. Knowing him, he stood somewhere close, stroking his cock and listening.  Finally hearing that huge cum filled ball sack, fapping against my pretty little pink pussy consequently giving me the good fucking that I needed.


What was Danny going to do? Was Danny’s sex going to do? Perhaps,  slowly slide in my used cummy pussy, forcing the cream that I was previously filled with out of my cummy little snatch and all over his fat cock.

Looks like you will have to wait until the FINALE to Find out, Be On the Lookout for PART 4.

What’s Your Favorite KIND of Sex? Do you like it as rough and dirty as I do? I am your greatest escape from reality. Your VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND, so to speak. You can read some of my Dirty Sex stories to have an insight into my perverted mind. Alas, you will still find yourself needing a sweet release.

Lastly, your sweet demise will only CUM when you hear my sultry voice cooing and purring in your ear. I whisper sweet nothings and scream out your name! Anything goes with me, and I do mean anything. Your escape is FINALLY right at your fingertips, and all those fingers have to do… is dial my number. Don’t keep me waiting…


Sweet Phone Sex