Erotic Literature – Ode of a Succubus

Erotic literature can be some of the most tantalizing and teasing reading you can find. I personally find the Best Erotic Literature to be in the form of a poem, ode, ballad, haiku. It doesn’t matter how long or short the read maybe, it only matters in how much you captivate the reader by the writing. With all that said, I hope you enjoy my Lil teasing ode of a redheaded slutty succubus!


I’m the girl you’ve thought about
The sexy sway of my walk away hips
The naughty wet dream you can’t be without
The soft lipped kiss left on your lips
Hair of fire
Skin of milk
Eyes of daggers
Slit of silk
Escape with me
To a world of Lust
I’ll lead you in
and earn your trust
Your darkest secrets
 I won’t tell
Forever you’ll be
Under my spell
My voice like sexy thunder
My pleasure Like violent rain
I will captivate you
you’ll never be the same
Have a taste of Anna?
But only if you dare
to Cum in my world, and play with me
I’m sure you’ll love it there.
I’ll be waiting for you
I’ll take you by the hand
Show you a world so beautiful
many will never understand
explore your dark desire with me
I’m right here on the line
It all begins with dialing
…. and a little of your time.
Can I promise you’ll be pleased?
Will I promise you’ll want more?
The answers YES, I promise I’m like no one
you’ve ever seen or heard before.
– Anna Angel

Did you enjoy my Ode?

I Love making nasty little poems and limericks, this is just one of a few that I will be posting here at the kinky kingdom. Now that you have had a peek into my naughty mind maybe you’d like some hot adult chat to see what I’m really all about?

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