Dirty sex stories : My Hustle got me fucked

My Dirty sex stories always start off with work. I mean if you really think about it, phone sex operators (or phone sluts as I like to call us) have 8, 10, 15…24 hours of foreplay, every single day. Call after call, and kink after kink, more and dirtier sex stories. How could we not end each day with a wet cummy cunt?

This past Friday, my day was especially HORNY because of Lots of hot calls. After I got off (pun, intended) I went out shopping for a sexy new outfit at my favorite store. I ended up buying a deep purple corset with lots of black lace and sheer accents. A very sexy velour mini skirt, and a new purple garter with some sexy wide holed fishnets.

I went out by myself dressed to the 9’s with only 2 purposes, to make some money, and get fucked. I needed someone to clean up this cummy cunt I had been playing in all day. You didn’t hear mention of a shower before I went out did you? I was told if I found the “right” guy, he was going to love it. That’s what happened.

I met this guy, and I have a hustle. I’m a pool shark. I have my little hustle and he wanted to play lil ole me. Now Normally I just hustle money, but this time I just had to add something to the mix. I laid 50$ on the table, and he said “thats all? besides that,  I just saw you bank 200$” I walked up to him stick in hand, leaned real close and whispered ” I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ve made enough money to make me happy tonight, you see I want something else.

It’s been a very long day for me, I’ve been phone fucking guys all day (his eye brows arched) and I really just want someone to take me home and fuck the shit out of me”.

He choked on his beer a bit. I smiled, and he said ” Are you serious? you’re just gonna come out and say it like that? I mean, I didn’t even buy you a drink?, and what’s all this… what did you say phone fucking? what’s that?”

“Ohhh, Darlin’ I can buy my own drinks, and by phone fucking, I mean I’m a phone sex operator” I countered. “However, I am very serious so here’s my proposal. You and I finish our game, and how about come home with me because then I can show you what I talk about all day?” I said through a wicked grin.

He swigged his beer, and our game went on. Anticipation growing with each shot. He suggested, ” Can I make a proposal Anna?” While I leaned over to bank my corner shot. “What is it?” I asked curiously. ” Can we just go? we don’t have to finish our game do we?”

Although I never wanted to just “give up” on a game. I gathered pool balls weren’t the only things on his mind. To my surprise, I was right, therefore I had to tease him.

I grinned. “You forfeit?”

“If it helps us get alone faster” He smiled.

“Ok, I’ll accept your forfeit. IF…”  I said with arched eyebrows.

“If, what?” he asked.

” You let me tell you all about my day, all my little dirty sex stories,  what I do, what I’ve done. You don’t Judge, and just let your sex lead you. No strings, no feelings, just fucking, just one night… got it?”

“Got it. But… um.. hey could I maybe get some free phone sex?”

I just laughed.

Let’s make our own DIRTY SEX STORIES


Most importantly I’m sure you want to know what happened when we got home??? Well I hate to leave you hangin… and I promise I won’t. If you call me that is..

I’d love to take care of every inch of that hard cock, Consequently, maybe we can even wager on it? What do you wanna bet?

well you can call me to find out? or you can wait until my next blog babes.

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Dirty Sex Stories with Anna will KEEP you HOT.

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