Dirty Sex Stories Part 2: My Cummy Confession

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I got him home and I could barely wait to get him out of his clothes. We had both been drinking, and I was so fucking horny from having hot phone sex all day that my upper thighs were wet. We began kissing and undressing each other. I started to make my way down his body when he picked me up and walked me over to the couch. He told me that He had had enough teasing, and was ready to taste me.

He kissed my neck, popped my tits out of the top of my corset and licked my cleavage. ” Tell me what you’ve done today!” he said through breathy licks, I want to hear all your dirty sex stories, Anna.” I began to tell him how I loved to make men cum, how I loved licking and sucking my dildo after it had just freshly fucked my pussy… his mouth made its way down to my thighs. He nuzzled, licked and sucked at them, before spreading them wide.

I felt his warm hand on my wet snatch. He rubbed his fingers tracing the lips of my pussy. Massaging it, rubbing it, telling me to tell him what made me the hottest today. I wanted to tell him, I wanted to scream it, He kept touching, and rubbing and kissing and sucking, and urging me… Tell me, Anna, tell me.

He lapped at my clit furiously.

My body began to constrict and contract. I got so warm and so tense at the same time… “Be a good girl Anna… and tell me”

That sent me over the edge… I came all over him, squirting his face and covering him in my sweet stickiness.

I smiled a sly wicked smile. “… Being daddies good girl, that is one of my favorite dirty sex stories”


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