Jad has a serious panty fetish.

The panty fetish is more intense than I imagined. I knew he had to have a panty fetish when I realized that my panties were disappearing. At first, I thought I losing my mind along with my panties. This was until I caught him. It was a Saturday morning and I was not feeling the greatest so I woke up early and canceled my clients then fell back asleep. I was awakened to my bedroom door opening. Jad must have thought I had gone to work.

Keeping quiet I just observed him.

Walking to my dirty clothes pile he rummaged through them grabbing a pair of my favorite underwear but left the matching bra. I was fuming now.He is the reason I don’t have any more sexy matching sets. Giving him a minute to get back in his room I made my way down the hallway. His door wasn’t closed all the way. Peeping in the crack I could see him perfectly. He had my underwear in his hand and was taking long deep sniffs. His other hand was adjusting a picture of me in my bathing suit.

Holy shit he was going to jack off to my picture with a pair of my silky panties.

This is where the panty fetish turns int more. As he slides his pants off I notice that he is wearing a pair or my panties also. Jad not only has a panty fetish he is a panty-boy. Why was I getting so turned on? I started out mad because he was stealing my panties but now as I stand there my pussy began to get wet. I got so horny watching his hand slide under my panties and stroke his hard cock as he was sniffing my other pair. In the meantime, I was getting wetter and wetter.

The list of fetishes goes on and on.

These panties that I have on now will be really nice to add to his panty fetish because the are now wet from all of my pussy juice.

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