Anal sex with Santa Clause.

I had anal sex with Santa now I need your help to decide if he put me on the naughty or nice list. Every Year I have a Christmas party with all of my friends. This year I decided to do something different. After careful consideration I decided to make this years party a themed one.


We would have a Christmas pajama party where you would show up in your favorite Christmas pjs. I had my cute but sexy Santa Girl pjs on. One by one my guests started to arrive. Drinking and laughing the night away I had my eye on this very sexy guy dressed in Santa pajamas. Making sure his glass was always full I wanted to make sure he was going to be to drunk to leave my house.

I loved the way his pajamas had a trap door in the back.

 Flirting back and forth the whole night I knew he was going to stay. At this time most of my guests were already gone and my courage was strong enough to tell him it was time for the real fun to begin. Walking up to him I whispered in his ear “I love anal sex.” Taking his hand and leading him to my bedroom he didn’t mind. Arriving in the bedroom he asked to use the bathroom and I pointed to it for him.

While he was in there I got my lube and slipped into something else.

He comes out of the bathroom and I bed him over and rip open his trap door. Squeezing the lube in the crack of his ass he knew that it was not going to be him giving the anal sex. See, when I slipped into something else it was my strap on. Santa was going to get anal sex raped by a 9″ cock.

He screamed as I shoved it in his ass.

I fucked him so hard and so deep. Knowing at first he felt the pain, after a few minutes his thrusts met my thrusts. Santa was enjoying anal sex with me. If you like this sex story you can call me and we can have taboo phone sex. So tell me do you think this puts me on Santa’s naughty list? Be honest, please.

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