I have a new found love for my list of fetishes.

I am going to make a point to try new fetishes all the time to determine if I like them or not. You never know. I never knew that I would like to swallow cum. Now it has become one of my favorite things, I crave it. My newest on my list of fetishes would most likely be listed under the cbt category.

Have you ever seen the video 2 kids 1 sandbox?

As I sat and watched this video for the very first time my pussy got wet. I continued to watch the video over and over again. It was such a turn on. It is a short video of a girl that has a small vibrator that she has inserted int the mans penis. She is literally fucking his penis with her vibrator. I am on a mission to find a guy that will let me do this to him.

The video showed the man screaming with pleasure.

I am just so confused to why every guy That I meat would not want that pleasure. Has no one ever heard of pleasurable pain? It is whats called as a good kind of pain. Adding cbt to my list of fetishes is hopefully opening up the eyes of some of you that are not willing to try certain things due to fear, There is no need to be fearful of the unknown. Find someone you trust and establish a safe word.

Safewords are good to have because they allow you to try things that you wouldn’t think about.

When it gets to be too much you or your partner stop what they are doing. As my list of fetishes grows so does your knowledge. I bet you can’t wait to check out the other fetishes that I am into. After reading all these different fetishes it makes your panty fetish look sweet and innocent.  If you think you can handle me then call me for phone sex chat session. I promise I won’t bite. Unless that is a fetish you are into. Then I will. *wink wink*