Trick or treat, smell my feet has a whole different meaning to a child than it does to a grown adult with a foot fetish.

Do you have a foot fetish? If you answered yes then I am the girl for you! I love my feet and toes played with and sucked on. Last night after I knew all the tricker treaters were home and all in bed I decided to do some trick or treating on my own. Dressing in my sexy witch costume I made my way to the next block. This is where my high school crush just moved. About a month ago we began to chat on facebook right after his divorce. We talked about everything, thus the reason I now know about his foot fetish. Knocking on his door I pray that my plan works. The door creeks open a tiny bit as I see him peek through the crack. He then proceeds to open it all the way with a big huge smile.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet. Or if you prefer you can lick them, or suck on them.”

He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Sliding off my heels, he then began to massage my feet. Running his hand up my leg to my thigh he released my thigh highs from the garter belt.He pulled them off with his teeth. Placing his hand on the top of my foot he let his nose run up the bottom of my foot inhaling my sent.

The anticipation was making me wet.

I could feel the wetness from inside my pussy. Feeling his tongue start at my heel and lick its way to my toes was amazing. The feeling that you feel when that happens is indescribable. His tongue swirling around each toe and sucking them as his hands are massaging them is making him very hard. As my foot is covered in his saliva I begin to beg him to release his cum on my toes. I want to see his big hard cock squirt his creamy white cum all over my toes.

Wait til you hear what happens next.

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