Richie was my pet, he loved when I humiliated him. He loved being dressed up in my stockings and my dirty thongs. That’s why when I met Jason, a young black stud, I knew exactly what I had in store for Richie.

For awhile now, he had been begging me to bring someone to play with us, but I never really found the right man, till a month ago. Jason was tall, dark and handsome, and the sexual tension between us was undeniable. The first night I met him, he fucked me. He fucked me raw, hard and deep. He fucked me from behind and dumped his cum all over my ass. That night, I asked him if he could do something for me. At first he wasn’t really into it, but another round of fucking later, he agreed to do it. Jason was going to fuck me, in front of Richie, with the only purpose to humiliate him. Richie was going to be our little bbc cuckold.

Play night came quickly, I still hadn’t told Richie, I want it to surprise him with his very first big black cock. We met at my place, Richie got there first, the first thing I did to him was hand him his outfit for the night. A black thong, and black stockings. I was wearing a lace thong with a bra to match. I had a fresh pedicure, red toe nails, and my favorite pair of red bottom pumps. We started, like we always did, I had Richie worship my pumps first. Licking the sole of my red bottom pumps, from the tip of the open toed all the way down the stiletto. Sucking on the stiletto, too.  Right after we completed our almost ritualistic worship, the door bell rang. I walked towards the door, and before opening turned around told Richie, “you’re going to be so happy”.

Jason kissed me as he walked in, and I could see Richie’s face turn bright red.What a good bbc cuckold, I thought. We sat on the couch, while Richie sat on the floor. Jason, without saying a word started to suck on my tits, and rub on my pussy through my tiny thong. I was so fucking wet, Jason’s finger just slipped right on, and as it did, I took of my pumps and put my feet right now Richie’s face. He loved smelling my feet. Jason looked at Richie, and said “you’re going to see a real cock, bitch”. As soon as he said that he turned me around, pulled his cock out and stuck right in my ass. It hurt so fucking good. As he was pounding my ass he kept telling Richie everything he deserved. Jason found him disgusting. Richie’s small cock was rock hard, and I was screaming in pleasure, yelling how much I loved Jason’s big black cock. Jason’s let out a groan and just like that came inside my asshole, and without even thinking about it, grabbed Richie by the hair and buried his face in my ass. Richie licked and swallowed Jason’s thick creamy hot load straight off of my ass.

After Jason left, I made Richie lick my feet, and let him cum on them. That night Richie was a happy cumslut. That night Richie has his first bbc cuckold.



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