A few weeks ago I talked to my new pet Richie well this past weekend we tried something really special. Again, I want it to be a surprise so I just told him to be prepared to have some fun in our weekend session. I had a bbc waiting for Richie, and he didn’t see it coming.

When he arrived to my place I told him to just walk in, when he did he was shocked. A tall, black man, named Mike was eating my pussy. Richie became instantly aroused and I immediately ordered him to get dressed for the occasion. He wore a pink thong. As Mike was eating my pussy Richie just sat on the floor mesmerized by the size of his cock. It was huge! Mike came up to me and kissed me and I could taste my juices on lips. Mike was rock hard so he turned me over and started to push the tip of his thick cock in my asshole. When he started to pound I ordered Richie to suck on my toes. Then, just as fast as everything happened, Mike pulled out and I ordered Richie to taste my ass off of Mike’s huge black cock. Richie was hesitant at first, but he wanted to make me happy. He known that when he walks into my place, he is so do whatever I say! He got on his knees, and Mike stood right in front of him. Richie started to suck the head of his cock, and slowly started going down his shaft. I pushed Richie’s face down on Mike’s cock. I want it to hear Richie gag, and choke on that big cock. I want it to see slobber dripping down onto Richie’s chest.

Richie got Mike’s cock slippery wet, I ordered Richie to get on all fours. He did, and Mike just as he fucked me, pushed his cock inside Richie’s tight ass. He moaned, as I lay right in front of him and put my feet on his face. I could see Richie was in pleasure. He had always want it a bbc in his ass and his dream had came true. Mike was almost about to bust his hot creamy load, so he ordered Richie to lay on the floor. Richie was laying on the floor as Mike towered over him when he came all over Richie’s face. When he did, I stood up walked over to Richie and while he was laying there with cum on his face I smeared all that hot cum with my foot and made him lick it all off.

Richie loved bbc so much, we have already made another play date with Mike, and next time he is inviting some of his friends.



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