My little sub learned a hard lesson through a little bit of public shame at a party.

We are social creatures, so this public shame is burned into her memory, no doubt. We attended a sexy little party with some like-minded friends, and when we are out in public, she knows that she is to be on her absolute best behavior. This does not under any circumstance mean that she is on her best behavior. And oftentimes, she is not. She is mouthy, to say the least, and downright disobedient. Not nearly as bad as many other brats I have seen. She certainly knows better than to throw tantrums or run from me.

She also knows that she damn well better do exactly what I said when I count to three. However, I count to three for more serious situations, so that is something that I save for when I require immediate and more blind obedience so that she knows it is important to me. Like, non-negotiable important. This particular act of disobedience, however, was just perfectly worthy of a dose of public shame. I was speaking with another dom about flogging, and she was showing me her collection of floggers.

She was a short girl like me, but a bit rounder.

Probably, double D cup tits and a heavy ass. She had jet black hair and a mesh skin suit on. You could see her big nipples through the mesh skinsuit. She wore leather boots that met right above her knees and were six inches in height. She was a little over ten years older than me, and her hair had purple streaks in it. Many people of all different shapes and sizes were in attendance, but my sub and I stuck out. We were the thinnest, most clean cut of the group for sure. About ten people were about to bear witness to her public shame.

My sub had a pretty plum lipstick and some lovely light purple glittery eyeshadow, picked by me. She also wore a lovely easter purple body harness with a black bra underneath. Also picked by me, she wore a short black skater skirt and black ballet flats. I wore some eight-inch shiny black stilettos and some black shorts. I also wore a shimmery red corset and blood-red lipstick. We were striking together. Anyways, as my pretty little sub has the length of a supermodel, and I am rather petite, I told her to fetch one of the floggers that were being shown to me. She probably hoped that I would use it on her, but she was in for some public shame.

She looked at me with a sparkle of mischief in her eyes and eyed the other dom to kind of size up her consequences.

Then, she says no to me. Almost as though it is a question. Nooo…? I asked the question back. As if to say, “What the fuck did you just say to me?” The other dom’s mouth dropped open in, and she drew her breath in. Almost a combination of scoff and a gasp. She looked over at me as if to ask, “You gonna let her talk to you like that?” Her eyebrow raised to me, and she repeated herself with renewed confidence mixed with fear, “No.”  I took a moment to decide her fate. She needed some public shame.

Then, I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her to her knees. I used my other hand and smacked her across the face. “You disobedient little bitch.” I said through gritted teeth. I squatted down to her level and grabbed her face. “You are going to regret that.” I plopped right down on the floor and yanked her little body on top of me. Then, I pulled up her skirt and exposed her pink little bunny panties. Then, I beat her ass raw as open-mouthed onlookers gathered. Some laughed, and some gasped.

I lit into her, telling her what a bad girl she was and how dare she show me such disrespect.

When I was satisfied, I cradled her in my arms, and the crowd whispered how she really learned her lesson, how she shouldn’t have tested me. Then, with her eyes to the floor, she grabbed the flogger and curled up in a puddle at my feet. The other dom petted her head and told her she was a good girl. I kissed her forehead.

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