Public Sex By Surprise…What A Wicked, Wicked Boy.

Dear Perverts! We haven’t talked much about how much I love public sex lately. How about we give this theme a revisit? I certainly got quite a revisit! Let me tell you about it.

God damned Vic. Have you been keeping up?


Even when I’m trying to be a good girl, he’s determined to prove that I just can’t be. Believe me, pervs, every once in a while I try. But that devil Vic is over my shoulder, whispering sticky syrup into my ear. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I haven’t been able to turn that volume down below a roar for quite some time. He’s just got a way of catching me off guard. Public sex in some form seems to be a recurring theme lately.


I was in Chicago visiting my best friend a couple weekends ago.


Seems that Vic caught word of this (okay, okay…I told him) and treated himself to a little weekend trip himself. Knowing that I’m out on the town with no interruptions and, as far as he’s concerned, no competition, serves as some crazy aphrodisiac for him. What can I say? Even my boy toys can get a little possessive from time to time.

Vic knows where I hang out when I’m in Chicago.


It just happens his best friend lives around the corner from my best friend. She and I always go to the same bar for cocktails and oysters and of course, he knows this. But don’t get ahead of me pervs. He didn’t make me bring my phone-controlled vibrators this time. I wouldn’t tell the same story twice. He just waits patiently, like a predator, stalking its prey. And when it’s time to feed, he’s not shy about the place.


It turns out my girlfriend meets up with a guy she’s been fucking, gives me her key and then disappears.


I’m left to take the subway back to her place by myself. I text Vic to say I’m taking the train back to the neighborhood. “I’m right behind you”, he texts back. I’m thinking he’s on his way back to the neighborhood…but I get on the train, as I’m standing in the aisle and I feel a warm body against me. “I said I was right behind you”. I turn my head and it’s Vic, that devil over my shoulder, we’re both slightly tipsy, his breath dripping off of my skin.

Public sex for me is something that just…happens.


The train ebbs and flows with each stop. I can feel his cock stiffening against my ass and he holds me around my waist on the crowded train. The seat next to us vacates at one stop and he sits down, looking up at me with his hand curled around my thigh. He moves it up my skirt slowly, discreetly, lightly running his fingers over my panties, his head resting on my hip. I feel him start to pull my panties to the side, sliding his fingers into my wet pussy, pushing deep inside, and then pulling them out and licking his fingers. Letting him continue like this, running his fingers up and down, inside and outside of my pussy for a couple train stops, and then as the train starts to empty, I look at him and say, “Vic, what do you want?”

“I want to take you somewhere and fuck your brains out”


I know I have Julie’s apartment all to myself, but I have other ideas. We’re in a place where we both don’t live. No one is around who knows us. We get off at the same stop and he starts walking me back to Julie’s apartment. I ask him to stay, “but first, an appetizer.” We start walking down the vast alleyways and end up near the backyard of some row houses, his cock down my throat. I’m certain I look like a prostitute, squatting down sucking his cock, unashamed of our public sex display. I’m just tipsy enough to wish someone would catch us.


Vic pulls me off of his cock by my face and bends me over the hood of a parked Audi.


He lifts my skirt up and grabs my waist with one hand and my hair in another and fucks me hard. I’m looking back at him, we’re whispering dirty things to each other and his determination makes me cum all over his thick cock. He fucks me until his seed spills deep inside my pussy, forcing its way out with every last thrust of his cock. I pull my panties up and suddenly I realize…I have no idea where we are.

We walk back to the street and eventually find our way back to Julie’s place.


We continue to fuck all over her apartment all night until I’ve cum so many times I pass out. Vic, always the early riser, wakes me up at 6 am for another romp in Julie’s bed before coffee. When I meet her for brunch I tell her Vic is ever the expert at stalking his prey. “We had quite a bit of public sex last night, it was super hot”. She shows me a bruise on her hip and says her jaw is sore herself. Sound like she had a good night too.


Do you like public sex as much as I do? God, I hope so. We can definitely have some fun. Want me to play with my pussy on my front porch? It might be a bit cold for that. But the best part of phone sex is…we can pretend it’s hot outside! Or not! If you have a public sex fantasy, I’m the girl of your dreams. Try me. You won’t be let down.

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