Cheating Sex Stories: No Vibrators At The Dinner Table!

Dear Perverts, as I’m writing this, I’m shaking my head at myself. You know I gloat about my cheating sex stories, but god damn have I been pushing the limits. My poor, clueless boyfriend.

And Vic. Vic, Vic, Vic…


I know Vic gets excited the closer he gets to cucking me in front of my boyfriend. I have an impossible time resisting, and he knows that. He’s been getting closer and closer…and he knows I want it too. Vic just wants Mike to watch him make me cum. He loves the control he has over my pussy when he’s near me, he loves knowing he’s a major player in my cheating sex stories. I forget about Mike completely. At the moment, I forget everything. 


So, I saw Vic a couple days ago and he gave me a present.


Two remote control vibrators, one for my ass, one for my pussy. The kind you control with your phone…I looked at him and asked, “what do we need remote control vibrators for?”

“So I can make you cum even when I’m not there.” Intrigued, I kissed him and said, “wanna try it tonight?” So he left, went wherever he goes, probably with another girl, and we started playing. It was pretty fun, but I was just at home alone so after I came it just sort of felt like…a little…lonely. I told him that the next day and he just raised his eyebrows. “What?”

He laughs and shrugs, “It’s just hilarious that you call that lonely.”


Vic insists on me using both vibrators, knowing I was going to dinner with Mike.


Semi-reluctantly but also wickedly excited, I agree. Mike picks me up and we go to our usual place. I’m getting ready to take a sip from my glass and I feel a bzzz! I jump, and Mike asks what’s up. “Oh my phone’s on my lap, it startled me”. My phone is on my lap, and I get a text from Vic that says, “the table under the painting”. I scan the room quickly, hopefully, inconspicuously and of course, Vic is sitting alone, drinking his whiskey neat and looking right at me. My eyes start to fill with lust and I quickly turn my attention to Mike. As soon as I look away, Vic turns the vibrator that’s on my clit on low and I sigh and clench my teeth. I should have known better than to agree to add this to my embarrassment of cheating sex stories.


He knows exactly what he’s doing to me, and he’s sitting across the room watching my reactions.


Dinner is agonizing. I love my cheating sex stories – sometimes it’s the agony that feels so good! I put my forehead in my hands as if I’m laughing at something Mike said, but really it’s because vibrator up my ass is throbbing at a pace that is making my pussy lips swell. Vic is playing me like an instrument, watching me try to keep my composure as he alternates between my ass and my pussy, and then sometimes makes them go full tilt at the same time.

I lean back in my chair trying to stay calm, throw my head back in pleasure that I try to make look like a neck stretch. My hands run through my hair, down my chest as I caress my own breast lightly, feeling the nipple so hard it could shred my silk top. I glance at Vic once, then again, as he’s remotely fucking my pussy and ass right in front of my boyfriend who is completely innocent of everything that is going on.


Vic starts giving my ass and pussy a brutal buzzing.


He would be pounding me relentlessly, forcing the cum out of me if he could. I’m picking up the message. I’m starting to get concerned about all the hot, wet fucking happening in my pants, worried that I’ll stand up completely soaked through my jeans. Vic is fucking the shit out of me to the point where all I can do is stay perfectly still and look intently at Mike although I can’t hear a word he’s saying to me. I start to feel the orgasm build up in my pussy, forcing its way down from my fully engorged clit, teasing my asshole and I start shaking my head no, and I say, “NO!”

“What?” Mike looks at me confused. Vic looks on as I grab the edge of the table, unable to answer, shaking my head no, then shaking it, YES and my breath sputters out and I can’t help but let out a loud moan as I cum, HARD, all over myself. Vic is watching my torment and I have to discreetly wave my hand at him to tell him to stop. Stop with the vibrators. In just a split second, my eyes tell him he got exactly what he wanted.


“What just happened?” Mike asked me, concerned, thinking I might need medical attention.


“I don’t know. I just got a sudden sharp pain,” I say, “I don’t know. I’m fine now but I need to get up for a second”. Adjusting myself, I feel for wetness between my legs. While part of me is relieved I can get up without showing the world that I gushed in my jeans, I also wish that Vic could see his work. I walk toward the bathroom, looking Vic straight in the eye and he’s smiling and also looking slightly spent himself, I know that look – did he cum? I get closer and when he’s within earshot I say, without even looking at him…”You are the worst…how’d I get so lucky?” His eyes are steamy and I just shake my head. When I’m in the bathroom I get a text that says.

“Soon. He’s going to find out.”


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