Public Sex Stories Have Always Turned Me OnGisele public sex stories 2

My fuck buddy and I have had sex in all kinds of naughty places. We both enjoy public sex in particular. The thrill of possibly getting caught is a real rush for the both of us. We have many fun public sex stories to share. Last week he wanted to have sex at the movies. There wasn’t many people in there and we went to the back row. But we could have gotten caught by an usher for sure. This week he said we should go to the beach now that the nice weather is here. So fine, I’m game. I packed us a picnic lunch and off we went for a day at the beach.

We Found A Mostly Secluded Spot And Got Naked

We had the picnic and then just sat and worked on our tans for a while. And as the day wore on the crowds thinned out and we were both feeling a bit horny. So we looked for a bit of a secluded spot and laid down the beach blankets. We took our swimsuits off and began to kiss right there. And soon his fingers found their way to my pussy and were teasing my clit. I reached over and began to stroke his cock. And was caressing it and smoothing the drips of pre cum all over his dick. Drops were flowing out of it and then I mounted him and started to ride his sweet cock.

I  Wasn’t Sure If Anyone Could See

I didn’t see anyone close, and we were having a hot time for sure. Listening to the waves, feeling the sea breeze on our nude skin. And feeling his hard cock rammed up inside of me. I was rotating my hips in little circles so my stiff clit rubbed against his cock. And his hands on my warm breasts, massaging them and kneading them, making the nipples hard. As I bounced up and down on top of him, lightly raking my nails over his chest and tummy. If anyone could see us. It would make one of those good public sex stories for them to tell their friends about.

It Felt So Good I Couldn’t Help Moaning Really Loud

I had not had an orgasm since we fucked at the movies the week before. And of course liking to fuck in public like we do, we usually have to be quiet. So as not to attract any attention. The last thing we want is to get arrested and have any problems with cops. There were no people visible, so I started to let loose with my moans. I love to be really vocal when I’m fucking, and I was getting loud. All of a sudden a man came into view and he was watching us and he took out his cock. He started to stroke it as he watched us fuck right there in the sand. Somehow I didn’t mind.

He had a big cock and was really pumping it. And I was bucking back and forth on my friend and fucking his brains out. I felt this huge orgasm well up inside of me. And I came hard and my pussy was milking his cock. I felt him go off inside of me and seconds later the guy that was watching us. He came as well, an arc of his cum shot out in a few spurts onto the sandy ground below. he then took off and we got up and went back to the car to drive home. It was quite the day at the beach for sure. One of our most fun public sex stories.

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