Public sex stories are something that deserves to be shared.

Time for me to share one of my public sex stories. Last week, I went to visit a new doctor. I was talking about switching doctors with my friends when one of them suggested I see her doctor. She has been raving about her doctor for almost a year now, and I was very excited to finally have a great doctor.

When I arrived at my new doctor’s office, everything just looked plain and simple. I checked in with the receptionist and patiently waited for my appointment. Ten minutes later, and I was in the exam room.

The nurse came in and took my vitals. She carefully wrote down all my information and she asked my reason for coming in. Then, when I told her my reason, her eyes lit up and she told me the doctor would be taking good care of me. Before she left the office, she gave me a wink and whispered something under her breath about “amateur college girls loving the doctor”.

I was confused at first, but then the doctor came in the room.

I almost fainted. He was a very good-looking man with dark assertive eyes. He sat on his doctor’s stool and glided towards me. Then, he gently placed his hand on my thigh and asked me why I was coming in.

When I told him the reason, he asked me how long my breasts were aching. I told him and then he had me lie down on the exam table and lift my shirt up.  Without warning, he grabs my tits and starts massaging them. He starts off rather gently but then gets rougher with me.

Next thing I know, he stops massaging me and starts sucking on me, while his hand moves down underneath my pants. I don’t bother stopping him. It just feels so good. I try to hide my moans of pleasure but I can’t. Before I can come, he calls the nurse into his office to cancel the rest of his appointments.

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