Amateur college girls have the best times.

There are so many challenges to being a college girl who moved away from home.  I didn’t want to stay on campus with the other amateur college girls. But it can take some getting used to moving states away. And the homework always takes some adjustment, but the freedom was worth it. One day, my air conditioner just stopped working. My parents were on the other coast, and I wanted to figure it out by myself. No way could I call them and confess that I was blowing my school money. So, I called a local repair guy my friend recommended to me. She told me that he could work with me to make payments.

When he arrived at my house, I had to answer the door in my panties and bra! It was embarrassing, but the Florida heat was unbearable. I invited him to take a look at the broken unit. I was just hoping that he didn’t notice the sweat rolling down my stomach. He didn’t seem to mind. After looking at my AC, he told me that it completely needed a new unit. I just stood there stunned.

I wasn’t sure how much a new unit cost, but I knew for certain that I didn’t have that type of money.

He must have known that because he took a seat at my kitchen table.

He laughed when he saw the worried look on my face. Then he told me not to worry about the payment if I could put on a little show for him. I was puzzled at first, but he was really hot too. And I have done a lot worse, like my public sex fun. So I started dancing right there on his lap. It wasn’t too long before I could feel his hard cock right against my ass. He started to put his hands on my hip, and pull me down on his lap. It felt so good and I couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind after seeing me dance.

College girls have the best fun. Call me so I can prove it!

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