Public sex is something most people fantasize about. It can get pretty hot and who doesn’t love to get wild?

I’m a huge fan of public sex. I have fucked on the beach, in cars, and in public parks. All were equally fun and they got my blood rushing. But now, I want something more public. I want something to really get me excited, something that makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up. And that’s why I thought you and I could try something, just like the public sex stories in my porn fantasy stories.

We both love road trips which is how we landed in Ohio. I could see the confused look on your face when we pulled into Jungle Jim’s. Jungle Jim’s is a huge grocery store which hardly does it justice. It’s so big, that they have maps so you don’t get lost. But getting lost is exactly what we came here to do.

 I lean over and whispered into your ear “I’m going to fuck you all over this store”.

Suddenly you know why I’m wearing my mini skirt. Once we get inside, I find a quiet corner in the homebrewing section. Then I flash you so you can see my pussy is bare and already glistening.  I’m already so horny.

So you bend me over right in the corner and slide your cock into me. It feels so good and I’m already soaking wet. From the public, it looks like we are just two lovers cuddling and picking out what beer to brew. Fucking in public is such a thrill that it doesn’t take long for you to fill me up with cum. Then I slide my skirt back up and wink back at you

. We still have a lot more square feet to explore. And I have a lot more loads to get before we leave this iconic grocery store.

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