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If you are new to the kingdom you’ve probably never heard about pussy pops or even any idea of what they even could be… So I am going to explain to you what they are, what they contain, and how exactly you can get your hands on them. You see because I am now offering pussy pops, what a good deal that is!

There are two different parts to pussy pops: one part involves me swirling them around my cunt juices, of course after I masturbate to my favorite porno! I just swirl them around, coating them with my pussy juices, getting them nice and fucking wet and messy for you. I can cum all over them and make sure they are just drenched before I repackage them for you. We all know how good it’s going to taste to actually lick my pussy! If you have a naughty panty fetish too, don’t worry, I can accommodate that. Making these pussy pops gets my panties soaking wet at the same time 😉

You know you’ve always thought about it.

Part two is going to be you being able to finally taste my ass. That’s right, I could even push these blow pops right inside my asshole! Maybe I’ll hop up and down and get it nice and deep in my ass and swirl it around. I can even leave them in my ass for hours, just like my butt plug. I can fuck my asshole with these yummy little blow pops and make them extra delicious for you. By the time I am done with them, they will taste just like my ass. So if your fantasy has ever been to lick my ass, you can now have the closest thing to it. You can have a blow pop swirled, made, and fucked in my ass, made specifically for you and with my own special ‘assets’.

Don’t be nervous, they’re going to be easy to get and I have plenty of juices!

Call me and I can make some pussy pops for you during our live phone sex session!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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