Teen sex is such a naughty fantasy, isn’t it?

Well, that certainly doesn’t stop me from thinking all about teen sex. You know I enjoy doing that kinky role play you thought of. I love being your daughter’s hot young friend. You know the one who wears really short shorts at the sleepover parties, and who is always staring you up and down.  I am such a hot little tease and you have been waiting for the right moment to see exactly how far, I am willing to go with you. When you find me downstairs alone while your daughter is asleep upstairs, you know this is the perfect chance.

You find me on your couch, wearing just a little short nightgown. Your daughter did my hair into pigtails before she went to bed. Then, your eyes look me up and down. You think to yourself that we aren’t even college girls yet, but are so fucking hot and ready.

This has always been your fantasy, and you want it to come true.

You sit down next to me, and you don’t say a word to me. I just feel your hand on my bare thigh. When it starts going up more, I don’t try to stop you. No words come out of my mouth, and you know that I want to play just as much as you do.

Then, I feel your mouth kiss up and down my neck. It’s been my secret reason for coming over to your daughter’s house so often. It’s the reason why I have been wearing just the bare amount of clothes. I can feel my pussy start to tingle and get wet, just from your touch. I can’t take any more of it. So then I climb into your lap and start wiggling against you. I love feeling your hard cock, and I know the real fun of this sleepover has just begun.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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