What is a fetish that you have never heard of before?

So I’m sure that you know about a quite a few fetishes that I enjoy things like impregnation fetishes or ageplay fetishes. But what is a fetish that you have never heard of, or a fetish that you don’t know much about? Today we are exploring balloon fetishes. People who are active in this fetish call themselves “looners”.  Different types of looners get sexual pleasures from different areas of playing with balloons. For some, it’s popping balloons, for some it’s how they feel rubbing against different parts of their skins. Some looners even enjoy having sex with their partners on top of a big balloon for deep sensual penetration.

There are quite a lot of looners out there.

Popping the balloon is a common way to get sexual aroused. Looners fill the balloon up with air, until it’s massive, then they keep filling it up with more and more air. Eventually the balloon pops suddenly and loudly. The very act of popping the balloon can make people go crazy. Some looners get together for “Balloon Parties” where many guests come with hundreds of balloons. But none of the balloons make it home, as you can imagine.

How fun and exciting would it be to take a hot and wild ride on a huge balloon? Imagine bending your partner over on this balloon in the middle of the room. So the angle of fucking on the balloon is just right to make you and your partner cum really hard. There are so many special different types of fun that you can have with balloons. So grab a balloon and just see what fun you can have! You’re bound to figure out a naughty exciting way to play! And with 250,000 looners worldwide, balloons have to be doing something right.

Let’s have some fun exploring today! Call me for some fetish phone sex!

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