Public Sex Stories – Bar Crawl Competition

Public sex stories turn me on so fucking much because there’s always that risk of getting caught. If you like some anonymous phone sex then stay tuned for some kinky public fun!

What is a bar crawl?

Well, for me and my girlfriends, a bar crawl is a sex competition where we try to see which girl can score the most cock. We take pictures every time we score and save it. At the end of the night, we count them up and choose a winner. The winning lady gets her pussy licked by all the other girls because it makes it more fun!

What qualifies as a score?

Anytime we get to see a hard cock. It doesn’t matter if we’re sucking it, fucking it, or even just jerking it off. One point for every hard cock we take a picture of and have our face next to. If you love cum eating phone sex then you should pick up that phone because I have oh so many hot stories for you!

Do I always win?

If I did always win, then it wouldn’t be fun because I love eating pussy. Everyone knows I love that sweet taste of pussy in my mouth. Sometimes I lose on purpose just to taste it and eat even more cum. It is all about seduction and you all know I excel in that department.

We do this once every couple of months and usually, there’s a new face. A new pussy to eat, or a new tongue to lick mine. Either way, it’s a win/win because everybody always feels good.

If you think you can handle all the public sex stories I have then call my phone sex line and see for yourself!

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