Having Sex In Risky Places Is A Fetish Of Mine

I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, risky sex really enhances the thrill for me. I’ve been absolutely shameless in some of my public sex misadventures over the years. I used to date this guy that came from a churchy type of family. He wasn’t that into it but went a few times a year to appease them .One Christmas Eve he asked me along to the midnight mass and I said sure. I’d go. Little did he know I had other ideas why in mind. The church was packed and his family was already seated when we arrived .There was no room for us on the same pew. So we had to go to the last remaining one at the back of the church.

Ever Have Sex In Church?

The service had just started and we were in the last row, we were the only ones in that pew. The rows ahead were all filled though. The minister was droning on and I was pretty bored It wasn’t really my type of environment so I decided to spice things up. My poor boyfriend had no idea there would be public sex at the midnight mass. But I did. I reached over and slipped my hand into his coat and went for his fly. He looked at me with eyes as wide as saucers. When he caught my intent and I gave him an evil grin.

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I got his cock out and started to jerk him off right there in the church filled with people. No one was the wiser. He was hard as a rock in spite of himself and I was sliding my hand up and down his shaft as the carols were sung. The minister related the Christmas story and people and families rejoiced and prayed. Public sex at its most wicked in the house of the Lord. I think he felt I was a bad girl for doing such a thing. But he didn’t stop me as I masturbated him. His coat hid most of the action and I kept rubbing his cock up and down. I knew he was just quivering on the brink of an orgasm as I stroked him.

Kinky As Hell…Just Wrong lol

We kept our eyes on the front and even sang along to the carols as I jerked him off and all of a sudden I felt wetness on my hand as he came. I had some tissues in my purse luckily, I’d come prepared. We left after the service and no one saw, that we know of. I’ve done things like this several times in my life as well.

My current boyfriend got lucky in the elevator last month when he came to pick me up after work when my car was in the shop and he came up to let me know he was there and on the ride back down to the ground level, I gave him a very fast blow job and just hoped the elevator wasn’t stopped by anyone between the top and bottom and it wasn’t, but it could have been. That element of being caught having public sex really turns me on like nobody’s business.

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