I am an exhibitionist. Being proud of my body, I love to show it off every chance I get. Gabe, a guy I used to date, loved baseball. He went to games all the time. I would often go with him. This allowed me to experience public sex at it’s best.

We went to the game. Gabe always had premium seats. However, tonight I convinced him to sit with me in the empty seats in one of the higher areas in the stadium. This would allow us to have more fun during our public sex story.

Knowing that even one or two people are watching, 

public sex is so hot!

The stadium was not full. I guess the teams were not favorites this night. Probably why he brought me along for this game. LOL. Usually, it was Gabe and all his buddies. This time, he asked me, and I said sure. We got to the game and I suggested the higher seats. At first, he was confused, then he saw the look on my face and knew it was a great idea.

We got seated and sat watching the game for a bit. Then I started to kiss and make out with Gabe. He was all in at that point. I slid my hand up his leg and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. He moaned and pushed his crotched into my hand. Mmmmmm, so much fun and more experience to add to my GILF phone sex performance.

My pussy was so wet and ready for his big fingers.

Gabe slid his hand up my leg and under my skirt. He moved my panties to the side and put a couple of fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. Oh, that felt so damn good! We were grinding against each other’s hands and getting more turned on by the minute. I caught the eye of a couple sitting not far from us. They were practically drooling with excitement. The security guard on our level had a bulge in his pants and was in no hurry to stop us.

We both knew we had to take it to the next level. I took my panties off and stood up. As I did that, Gabe opened his pants to pull out his cock. I then sat down on his lap and let his cock slide into my wet pussy as I did that. He was rock hard and felt so good inside me. I started slowly grinding against his dick. He was moaning and gyrating against me.

Soon we were at the point of climax and it was so intense. He held onto my hips as he shot his huge load into my pussy. It was so much cum. I was spent after that. I sat on his lap to gather myself. Once I was together I moved back to my seat. When we looked back at the game we realized we had a nice size audience of viewers that had enjoyed our public sex moment as much as we had.

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