Last week I ran out to the store to pick up some things. Upon arriving home, I realized I had left my keys on the kitchen table. I was out of luck, my house was impenetrable. Going by every window to see if any were unlatched, I discovered one at the back of the house. It was a small window, but I decided it was my only option. This event leads to an entry into my granny sex stories.

I was on the back patio and opened the window. I started to climb in and realized my hips did not fit. Shit, I was stuck! The neighbor kid, Nick, had been doing some yard work for me at the side of the house. I heard him calling my name but didn’t answer right away. I was embarrassed to have him find me like this. Within a couple minutes, he found me. This granny sex story was unfolding and if you like it follow the link to more stories.

This boy had every intention to fuck me!

I don’t wear panties. I love the freedom of going commando. As Nick rounded the corner he saw me stuck in the window and come onto the patio. Hey Mrs. Rose, what are you doing? I was wearing a skirt and Nick was getting a full view of my pussy. Quickly, I explained how I ended up here.

The next thing I knew he was very close to me. He asked if there was anything he could do to help, I told him I didn’t know other than finding someone to help us and at that point, he was so close I could feel his leg touching my leg. I asked him, “What are you doing Nick?” He said, “You aren’t wearing any panties Mrs. Rose and I was getting a good look at your pussy.” We were treading into territory that guides me during ageplay phone sex.

I explained that was inappropriate, that he was just a teenager. He told me he didn’t care. I knew this was going to be a teen sex story. The next thing I know I felt his hands moving on my legs and ass. I heard his zipper open and knew he was going to fuck me. I felt the head of his cock on my leg as he moved into position. He entered me with one swift move. Surprised and excited all at once I gasped.

I might as well enjoy the sex!

His cock was so large. It was nuts how well he seemed to know just want to do. I decided it was hopeless to protest. It was time to enjoy it as much as I could. He proceeded to grind away. We both came, and he pulled out his cock dripping with cum. After he was done, he thanked me and pulled down my skirt. Then he said he would go find some help.

In no time, I heard the firetrucks siren. The firemen came to rescue me. That entire crew got the best view of their day from me and I got to meet lots of new, handsome men to play with in the future. More experiences for sharing while doing my GILF phone sex.

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