My husband was a great provider in material ways. His cock was so small, and he didn’t do very well with oral sex either. When it came to the bedroom we truly had a cuckold relationship. He could never get it right and this left me wanting and needing so much more.

After some years I approached him and told him things had to change. That I was going to find someone to please me and he would have to be okay with that. His first reaction was shock and then defiance, but I was determined and won the battle. New stories to help with cuckold phone sex.

For my first new playmate, we went to a local club. The place was hopping with fine young men to bring home and please me. I made my husband search with me. Together we watched and evaluated all the men that were in the club. We finally made a choice with a tall, dark and handsome man.

Our cuckold relationship was taking form!

As I approached him, he smiled and said, “Hello.” I sat down and asked if he was alone. He was there with some buddies and very single. We started discussing a little bit of everything and then he asked me if I was alone. I told him I was there with my husband. He looked shocked and nervous. I explained the situation, letting him know that it was quite all right we were speaking. He relaxed and seemed quite open to coming back to the house with us.

Once we got back to the house, I had my husband makes us drinks. Mike and I started to make out. He was an incredible kisser and his hands were pure silk on my skin. My husband brought our drinks over and I commanded him to sit in the chair across from us. He obeyed, and Mike and I went back to making out. He helped me take off my shirt and skirt. I stood in front of them in just my panties and bra. Mike was in awe of my body and started to rub his hands all over me. I helped him out of his clothes entirely. His cock was huge! It was a granny sex story in the making!

He had a huge big black cock!

Things quickly accelerated to oral sex. He was incredible at eating my pussy and I loved having that huge cock in my mouth. He picked me up, bent me over the couch and slid that huge cock into my pussy. It was ecstasy my friends, pure ecstasy.

My husband was quiet at first and then I saw his hard cock pushing against his pants. I told him if he wanted to masturbate he could. He quickly undid his pants and pulled out his tiny, hard cock out. He was stroking it and moaning. Who knew he would enjoy seeing me fucked.

After Mike came I told my husband to come over and eat out the creampie. He was so obedient and did as he was told. It was a turning point in our relationship, as I got what I needed, and my husband became my willing servant. Things got even better as time went on. That is a story for another day dear readers or feel free to call me for GILF phone sex with no taboos!


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