My youngest grandson is 5 years old. His parents, my daughter, and her husband start all the kids in soccer when they are young. So far it has been a great start for all of them. Our school community has a wonderful program for the youngest kids and the coaches are very good at working with them. I myself would not have the patience. I enjoy attending because the park does present the possibility of public sex for Grandma Frankie.

Yes, I am a naughty grandma, but I also love my grandkids. I do my best to attend games for all my grandkids, more at the park than indoors. Going to the soccer games of these little guys is so entertaining. They are still learning to follow coaches, develop good coordination and to be able to work as a team. We laugh as they learn, and we show them our support too.

We root for them and they see they have support in the stands.

Most of the coaches are dads to the players. It is wonderful seeing them teach the kids how to become quality athletes. Well, sooner or later for some. Of the coaches, most are handsome, young family men. They add to the fun of watching the games. I love to watch these handsome studs running around the field in their shorts and t-shirts with the kids.

Everyone is close, we all know each other outside the mini soccer world. One of the dads has an auto repair shop. When his dad retired, he took over the shop. His parents are good friends of mine, so I was around as Tony grew up. Now he is a grown man running his own business and coaching soccer. He is a great guy and great dad. Even after the divorce he and Jenn have continued to have a healthy relationship to raise their kids.

Honestly, Tony is a perk of going to the games. Shame on Grandma Frankie, right, yeah whatever. I am a sexy grandma and I intend to enjoy my golden years more than most! One way to do that is having sex with lots of hunks, young and old. Mmmmm, so much fun and more experience to add to my GILF phone sex abilities.

I love how Tony and the other coaches still encourage the

kids after losses.

On this day my grandson’s team lost, but that didn’t stop them from celebrating after the game with juice boxes and snacks. The kids are so fun to watch when they are still happy after a loss. Tony and the other coaches spoke with them and let them know the next game could be a win. Go Tony and other coaches, such good guys!

After the juice box celebration, the kids left a mess. Everyone had left but our family and Tony. We were all talking, and he started to clean up. I offered to stay and help him and told my daughter and the kids to head out. As Tony and I cleaned up the mess we joked and talked about nothing specific.

Once everything was picked up, and all the equipment loaded in Tony’s car, we sat at a picnic table chatting. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed as Tony confessed, he had always had a crush on me. I was flattered and told him so. He asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I explained I love to play the field and stay single. His smile was huge as he asked to be part of that field. I was super excited to create some new granny sex stories.

I wanted to fuck him here in the park, I do so love public sex!

As I scooted closer to him on the bench, I made sure to start rubbing his arm. He was instantly into it and came closer to kiss me. Wow, what a kisser. He was handsome, so I have no doubt that he has sewn his oats many times over. We made out for some time, just enjoying the day and each other. It didn’t feel rushed, it felt very easy-going and comfortable between us. The park was pretty much empty, so we had no reason to worry.

Then things started to heat up. I could see his dick was hard through his shorts. Our making out was getting more intense. This might end up with us fucking here at the park after all! My pussy was so wet. I couldn’t believe how hard my nipples were as the poked through my bra and shirt. This granny was ready for some naughty action. He started kissing down my neck, his hand went up into my shirt as he massaged my breasts.

I was sliding my hand up his thigh and met that rock-hard cock. He moaned as my hand slid over it through his pants. Then I felt his hand on my thigh, finding its way to my crotch and dripping wet pussy. As he felt the wetness, he moaned again. We looked at each other and knew we needed to find a place to finish this. There was a small clearing about 100 yards away that had a park bench in under the trees. We headed over to that area.

As we walked to the more secluded area, we scanned to see

how many people were around.

Once there he sat down first on the table top. He pulled me into an embrace and deep kiss. We went right back into our making out. Then, he maneuvered me so that I was climbing on top of him, but before I climbed on top, he reached under my skirt and pulled my panties off. I undid his shorts and pulled his dick out. He was so hard and ready.

I climbed up and he positioned his cock, so it slid into me as I came down on his lap. Oh my gosh, it was incredible inside me! We found a nice, smooth groove as we fucked right there in the park. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy walking the path around the park. As he came around the bend, he realized what we were doing. Instead of moving on, he stepped in the greenery so that he could quietly watch and jerk off.

We finished and got our clothes in order. He asked me if I was up for dinner, I said, “Yes!” We headed out to finish our night with a bang. The gentleman that had watched also adjusted his clothes and went about finishing his walk. He seemed to be smiling as he did so.

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