When I go out and meet the girls for our night out, I use Lyft or Uber so that I am not drinking and driving. Sometimes I get fun drivers and sometimes I get total prudes. On this occasion, I hit the jackpot.  I know you guys love my granny sex stories!

At the club, it was a great night. We danced our asses off to great music and with hot men of all ages. Our girl’s night is always a good time. None of us have inhibitions and are absolute sluts at the bar, which means we always get laid. Nothing better than taking a strange, hot, well-hung stud home to fuck.

We were all partying hard, lots of drinks, shots and dirty dancing. The club was packed, and we were having so much fun. It was a crazy night, even the young girls at the club were dirty dancing with our pack. They must have felt the intense attraction as well. Kissing and dancing with both guys and girls.

It was one of our better girl’s night out!

As the night went on, I was with a specific guy and girl. We were dancing, touching and making out. It was insanely hot. My pussy was dripping wet! We danced until they announced the last call. Ordering one more round, we tossed the drinks back and the three of us headed out to my Lyft. This night would do so much to enhance my GILF phone sex.

As we got into the car, the Lyft driver looked back and smiled a mischievous smile. Oh my gosh, he was so fucking hot! My new friends and I exchanged looks that said we were all thinking the same thing, he should be coming back to my place with us! He headed out of the parking lot and we started asking him questions about his life. Not so smooth, but oh so determined.

As we pulled into my driveway, I just blurted it out and asked him if he wanted to come inside and play with us. To our surprise, he said yes immediately! Yes, I was going to enjoy this group of young, fine specimens. The girl was so sexy with full lips and her beautiful breasts. Both men were tall, muscular and hopefully well hung.

We all stumbled along the walk towards the house.

We got into the house and I got us all some waters. All of us were giddy with excitement. I told them to follow me upstairs. When we got to my bedroom, I turned on a soft light. Then I opened my special cabinet full of toys. Everyone was sitting there with their mouths open. This was going to be a wonderful addition to my group sex stories. Oh, the fun was just beginning as one of the guys and our girl toy started making out.

I walked over and started kissing the Lyft driver. He began undressing me and himself. Well hung would be an understatement, that cock was fucking huge! I was so happy to play! Soon the four of us were on my huge bed, fully undressed. It was a free for all as we all made out with each other and explored each other’s bodies.

Soon she and I were doing a 69. She tasted so sweet and was quite good at eating pussy. The boys were kissing and jerking each other off. Then one was at my pussy and one was at hers. They each slid their cocks into us. It was pure heaven as they got to stroking our cunts in a good rhythm. Within minutes she and I came. The boys pulled their cocks out and shot their loads all over our bodies. It was incredible. We spent the rest of the night fucking, sucking and enjoying each other to the fullest.

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