Public sex -Teen fucks outside and doesn’t care who sees

Public Sex- who cares who is watching? Sometimes I work for a catering company to make money. I was assigned a BBQ street fair this weekend and had a blast pouring beer and helping the BBQ chefs out.There were quite a few hot chefs. I was wearing little cut off shorts, sandals, and a low cut tank top.

The hot chefs that were BBQ-ing huge chunks of meat were flirting with me all day. They kept giving me shots of Tequila as the day went on. I was hot and sweaty and drunk as the sun was setting and the crowds were dwindling. One of the hottest chefs there asked me if I wanted to go out drinking with the crew. I said sure! This guy was hard to resist. Tall, muscular and smelled of smoked pork and sweat.

I headed out with 6 chefs and cooks.We ended up buying more Tequila and beer and hung out at a waterfront park. The hot Chef told me his name was Jorge and he was traveling the US cooking meat at BBQ gigs all over for the summer.

As we drank and laughed, the chefs told lots of dirty stories, and I ended up surprising them with a few stories of my own. We were having a blast and I was wasted when Jorge kissed me. Once he did that, it was on. We were drunk and horny so we started tearing off each other’s clothes and sucking and licking each other’s hot and filthy bodies.

Jorge slid his hand down my shorts and started to gently caress my pussy. “I want to make you cum so hard Sara.”

He pulled down my shorts and licked my clit and started to explore my pussy. He had his tongue in so deep and I was moaning. I looked around. All of the guys were watching us. I did not care. “Fuck me now, Jorge. Fuck my cunt hard!” He rammed it into my tight pussy while we lay under the stars and in the grass. The guys cheered us on until we both came.

I don’t remember how I got in his truck but I woke up and as I looked out the window, we were in a crowded parking lot! We were both completely naked and anyone could see us if they glanced over our way. I searched and finally found my clothes, I got dressed and got out of there before the beautiful chef woke up.

Guided Masturbation!