College sex stories- dudes who spy on the dorm’s girls bathroom

College sex stories- the girl’s dorm bathroom is being videotaped! I went to visit my friend who lives in a college dorm. We were having a great night drinking wine and hanging out when I said I was going to go use the loo. The girls giggled and said, Just don’t use the 3rd stall from the door!

I asked them why and my friend explained. She was in there one morning, taking a piss and she heard a rustling sound behind the tank. At first, she thought it might be a mouse. The dorms are old buildings with lots of cracks in the floors and walls. She took a closer look and she actually found a small camera lens aiming straight at her!

Amanda yelled for her roommates to come to check it out. The camera was aimed at the toilet bowl. They pulled it out of the wall and saw that the camera had a name on it. Jeremy lived on the floor but in the guy’s wing. They knew exactly who he is and they decided to pay him a visit. He is a trust fund kid who acts like he is better than everyone else.

The girls put on their sexiest negligees, and went to his room, with the camera. Jeremy must have been asleep when they pounded on his door laughing and giggling.

He looked shocked when he opened the door to all of these hot girls.

“Dude, we found your camera. We know you like to watch girls piss.” Tess confronted him. They made him show him his collection of videos. There were girls pissing, shitting, putting in tampons, changing bloody pads, snorting crack, vomiting.

They kept confronting him about what they were watching. “You like that perv? That gets you off?”Jeremy begged them not to tell anyone. “Then do what we say. From now on, you are our bitch.”

They made him get naked and lay on the floor and each girl pissed and spit on him. They would let him touch his cock.

Now the girls have their own slave boy and he is eager to do any humiliating thing they come up with!



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