There’s something about public sex that drives me crazy!

The thrill of having public sex really gets me dripping wet. I’m not sure if it’s because I know I could get caught at any time or if I’m hoping to. I’m that girl that really likes to push the limits and see just how risky I can get you to be. One of my favorite places to fuck is in a cemetery. There’s something so forbidden and kinky about it, that it makes my hot tight teen pussy drip just thinking about it. It also happens to be a really great low-risk area to go if the guy you’re fucking is married.

I know I’m such a bad girl suggesting we fuck in the cemetery. But hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Public sex in a cemetery is the perfect way to let loose and get kinky. The Catholic one down the road from me is one of my favorite spots. I’ll put my good little Catholic school girl dress on. The white lace one falls a couple of inches below my ass with a tiny matching white lace thong. I look so pure and innocent, don’t I? You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. That’s definitely the case with me.

Lean against the mausoleum while I slide your zipper down and wrap my lips around you. You pretend to protest on the outside but that rock-hard cock tells me you love it. You’re secretly turned on at the thought of fucking in such a dark, twisted place. Don’t worry, once I have your pre-cum dripping in my mouth, it’s time to drop my panties. I’ll grab the nearest headstone and you can slide that cock deep inside of me. Make me scream in pleasure as you cum deep inside of me.

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