Do you have a fetish for religious blasphemy?

There’s just something about being such a total sacrilegious fetish princess that makes my tight teen pussy drip! I just bought a new toy and I want to know if you can handle it? Are you man enough to slide this jackhammer Jesus deep inside my tight, dripping wet hole? Take the rosary from around my neck and use it as anal beads. I’m sure there’s a bible around here somewhere that we can deface too *giggles*. All those years of being forced to go to church like a good catholic school girl got old! Now that I’m out of the house and on my own, I can do whatever the fuck I want to.

I don’t have any use for that lame-ass church full of hypocrites. Well, there is the thing the church is useful for. Fucking right on top of the altar! Admit it, your dick twitched when I said that, didn’t it? Come on take a walk on the dark side with me, I know you want to. It’s time for you to let loose and give in to all of your dark desires. Lift me up onto the church altar and cut my clothes from my tight young body. Go ahead, indulge your pantyhose fetish and rip them right off of me.

I want to feel your lips and your tongue on my puffy pink nipples and my tiny bald slit.

Get my little cunny all lubed up so we can indulge our dirty religious blasphemy fetish together. Wrap your hand around that jackhammer Jesus and start to feed it into my tight little pussy. Slide Jesus on that crucifix in and out of me while I writhe on the altar and you jerk off with that bible. Fuck god, fuck Jesus, and fuck this piece of shit church and that useless fucking bible. Let’s see just how twisted and perverted we can be.

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