It’s so obvious that you have a pantyhose fetish!

You pretend that you’re shopping for your wife but that’s not what you’re doing. I’ve noticed you watching me as I check out the different pantyhose and stockings. You’ve got a pantyhose fetish, don’t you? You’re starting to breathe a little faster and your cheeks are turning bright red. Everyone hears the stutter in your voice as you ask the salesgirl to show you the pantyhose section. There are so many colors and styles to choose from, you have to touch them all. There’s a bulge popping up in the front of your pants. It’s so obvious that you’re having dirty thoughts right now.

Don’t think that I don’t see you hanging around outside of the dressing room doors. You’re trying to peek through the cracks and feed your pantyhose fetish. The only thing you’re going to get from me is punished though! Maybe you need to be tied up with those very same pantyhose. The silky hose makes for the perfect bindings to hold your wrists and ankles in place. Then I can do anything that I want to you.  I can tell you right now, I won’t be fucking you that’s for sure! You aren’t man enough to have teen sex with me.

You don’t even come close to measuring up to my standards. It’ll be pretty amusing to watch you squirm though! I’m going to use a pair of my dirty pantyhose to jerk you off with as I wriggle my hot sexy ass on your face. Of course, I’m going to be wearing a sexy pair of nude pantyhose while I do it. You get to worship my sexy round ass and my tight teen pussy right through my pantyhose. It’s your wet dream cum true, isn’t it? You better do an amazing job at eating my ass and pussy through them or all the fun stops for you! I’m sure you don’t want that now do you?

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