Public Sex

Pubic sex s so naughty!  My boyfriend and I are always looking for new and exciting places to fool around.   Do you have any idea how many places you can have public sex?  Its like a free for all.  You just can’t get caught, but that’s really what makes it so much fun!  Since its bikini season, we decided to hot the mall and see where we could kill two bird with one stone.  Shopping and fucking… Its like my dream come true!

We walked in and scoped out my favorite store.  I would tell you the name, but I want to fuck there again so I’ll keep it to myself.  My boyfriend loves seeing me in skimpy little bikinis so e was already hard just looked around.  I let him pick a few he really liked and we headed for the dressing room.  Not a sales girl in sight and unlocked door.  Perfect!  We darted inside and I got naked.

I wanted to get him throbbing, so I slipped into his favorite one.  Cheeky bottoms and a barely there top, he was damn near pushing me to my knees.  Trying to keep my feet from being noticeable in the tiny dressing room, I stated to suck his cock.  He was trying so hard to be quiet as we heard sales girls and other shoppers walking past.

He was done with my mouth and wanted more.

 I got off my knees and bend over, gripping on to the triangle corner seat.  He pulled the bikini bottoms to the side and slid his cock deep into my pussy.  I bit my lips and closed my eyes.  It took everything in me not to moan and my pussy was dripping wet.  Pulling the side strings, he let the bottoms hit floor as he shot his load of cum inside of me.

If you have never had the thrill of public sex I highly suggest you try it!

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