Public sex adventures never felt soo good!

I always knew my friends Mitch and Darla were a bit freaky when it came to having public sex adventures. I would hear stories from mutual friends of ours, and at first, I was shocked. But, after hearing of their public sex adventures a couple of times, I knew something might get stirred up one day. You would never expect that they like to get down and dirty out in the open, not caring who sees. 

There’s going to be a wedding.

A few years later, two of our friends decided to get married. At this time I was bartending. I was taking gigs here and there. I knew how much weddings cost. So, I didn’t expect to be invited. But one day, my friend hit me up and asked if I can bartend for her and I immediately said, “YES!,” winning a seat at their wedding. I would have never imagined what was going to happen towards the end of the reception with the maid of honor, Darla.

Closing out the bar.

I start cleaning up after having a few drinks. Generally, I tend to have a heavy hand. So, I was definitely feeling it, as well as the whole wedding party. As I’m cleaning up, Darla comes from behind and scares me. She starts talking dirty, and ended it with “I just want to eat you up.” I smiled, and responded, “Don’t tease me with a good time, I dare you to!” I was totally joking, and not thinking anything of it. As I said that, her husband walked by and warned me “Ooh noo, I wouldn’t dare her if I were you. She will do it.” So, I laughed and said, “Uh-huh, she doesn’t scare me, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Honey, where are you??

Later, as I walk to the backyard to throw out some trash bags, I felt a presence behind me. Suddenly, I turn and it was Darla. She dropped to her knees as she pulled my pants and thong panties down to my ankles. She shoved her face straight into my pussy. As she’s licking my clit, I noticed we’re out in the open, in a backyard, and there were people around.

In this case, I panic, so I pull her up and take her over to the shed. I sat her down, pulled her dress up, moved her panties to the side as I start sucking on her clit. She tasted soo good, my pussy juices started dripping down my leg. She started to moan loudly soon after. So, I covered her mouth. Suddenly, we hear Mitch yelling out for her. “Honey, I saw you come out here… where are you?” We jump up and she runs out from the shed. “Hey babe, what’s up?” she said flustered. “I’m going to buy a pack of smokes, you want anything..??” he asked. “No babe, but we’re going to come with you,” she responded. Therefore, I looked at her surprised, especially after what we were just doing.

The Park.

Meanwhile, we jump in the back seat, and she starts to make out with me again, as I watch Mitch trying to get a glimpse of it. After he bought the cigarettes, she speaks up. “Let’s take a detour and go to the park real quick. I start to wonder, “OMG, am I about to have a public sex adventure in a park!” Thinking it was just going to be the two of us, she pulls back from licking up my warm cream. “Baby, do you want to try her,” she asked. 

He looks at me nervously if it was okay. Me, coupled with these two, of course, I said yes! He spreads open my legs again and starts licking me up and down, reaching his tongue to my asshole and back up to my clit. She then tells him, “I want to see you fuck her.” Not practicing safe sex, he slips his raw cock inside of me, feeling me, skin to skin.

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