Practicing Safe Sex: Satisfy Your Quarantine Cravings With Natalie

The world is under quarantine and everyone is feeling its effect. Half of the world is deemed essential to keep us afloat while the other half is confined to their homes. For some of you, that means being in the same house with your nagging wife all day long. For others that means you are out saving lives and that is stressful and exhausting at the same time! Though stress release may seem impossible during a time of social distancing, if you found your way to this blog, you know that there are other options when it comes to practicing safe sex!

Bored and Horny

I can relate to your boredom and pent up horniness. I am a sex crazed slut and I am desperate for my sexual fix. My “spring break” consists of sitting at home, craving cock, and binge-watching TV series to pass the time. Boring, right? That’s why I keep up with my social cravings on the phone. It’s nice to hear someone’s voice and escape reality for a while. My favorite thing to do during this time is dive deep into a role-play and submerge myself into a lively fantasy. I am able to get myself into some pretty exciting and taboo scenarios over the phone because I have absolutely no limits! Practicing safe sex is easy when you have me to share in all of your wild desires!

Phone Sex is Safe Sex!

Not only is phone sex the safest way to relieve your sexual cravings during this time, but cumming with me has more than one benefit! Having an orgasm a day will boost your immune system! Don’t believe me? Google it, I dare you! A strong immune system is exactly what you need at a time like this. If you’re being honest with yourself, you may need an orgasm more than anything! Being shut in all day long or on your feet at work can take a toll on your mental health. That would make this situation even more miserable than it already is! If you shoot that big load for me while I whisper sweet songs into your ear, I can promise you that you will leave me happier than when you first called. Let me help you boost your immune system and serotonin levels by practicing safe sex!

What do you crave?

We both know that you are craving something! Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, I am here to satisfy you! While you may feel the world has slipped away and left you with limited options, I want to tell you that is just not true when it comes to phone sex! If you are into group scenarios and have an extroverted sexual appetite, I have plenty of girlfriends who would love to join our quarantine sex party!

Maybe you are craving a girl with a little extra? I have dabbled with pegging and domination. So if you have the toys, I can guide you through the best domination phone sex of your life! Maybe you have developed a sweet tooth for a character in one of the movies, shows, or porn videos you have been selfishly watching without me. Believe it or not, I can provide you with a very detailed fantasy that involves anything and everything you want! The list of fantasies, fetishes, and ways that I can satisfy your cock, goes on and on! Just know that your wish is my command!

What are you waiting for?

You may be waiting for a few reasons. I can think of the two most common reasons we are holding off on our hot phone sex. First being that you have a wife or kids that are awake and you can’t very well call me unless you sneak off for a few minutes. Second being that you are working under a fast pace and high pressure and can’t get away. Luckily, I have a solution to the time restrictions placed on you by this awful Covid-19 crisis. I am here!

I am here 6 days a week, every week, with both morning and night availability! Wherever you are in the world and whatever you may be doing, you will have access to me when you need me most! I can be your peace at the end of the day or your boost during your 15-minute break. Remember that we are all in this together! Let’s get through this by practicing safe sex and having a good time the best ways we know how!

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