Public Sex: The Boss Is Better!

When I went to my boyfriends after work Happy Hour I didn’t think twice about not wearing panties. Its not like I’m going to be having public sex. Besides I never wear panties anyway, I just love the feeling of going commando. The bar was packed with the after work crowd. I shuffled through the to find my boyfriend. Him and his co-workers from the law firm were nestled in a little corner table towards the back of the room. He introduced me to everyone and sat me next to his boss.

A handsome man with dark eyes and a pleasant smile. The drinks were flowing and the laughter was contagious. Now, I am a touchy feely girl. What I mean is, when I talk or communicate with someone I always use my hands. When the alcohol starts flowing through my veins I really started to get touchy. Well I guess my boyfriends boss thought that I was trying to do a little more than touching because somewhere between my 3rd Tequila shot and Tammy from Human Resources revealing that she is a lesbian.

I felt a warm hand gliding up and down my thigh under the table.

I turned to see if my boyfriend could tell this was happening and he was clueless, giggling and flirting with, the secretary. The look on The Bosses face was one of calm. He continued to laugh and talk to everyone while walking his fingers up my thigh. The feeling of his hand caressing my thigh, inner thigh, and then my waiting pussy was driving me crazy. I turned red as he split my pussy lips open and started to play with my clit.

My nipples poking through my silk blouse was a dead giveaway of my arousal but, no one noticed because they were all hammered! When he inserted his finger inside of me my pussy melted and my body got so hot, rich cum flowed from my hole, onto his large fingers. I couldn’t help but reach under the table and stroke his rock hard dick.

I’ve never wanted to have public sex this bad before,

I wanted to sit on his dick right there and ride the shit out of him. Deeper and deeper he stroked and penetrated my cunt. My cum was dripping onto the seat. My body was on fire I want The Boss so bad. I grabbed on to his hard dick as he finger fucked me. I told him, “If you really want this pussy come in the bathroom.” When I arched my back and licked my lips, I already knew he was going to follow. He followed me to the bathroom I could feel the heat coming off him as well.

We went to the bathroom both hot and drunk as hell. He bent me over the first stall we seen and slid his rock hard dick inside of me. I clinched his dick with my pussy. As he started fucking me faster and harder. I love having hot sex the sweatier the better. No one knew what was happening except for me and The Boss. He looked at me as he pounded the fuck out of my sweet plump pussy and said, “Are you having a good time?” I smiled at him and said, “Yes. The best time ever.”

We slipped out of the bathroom before anyone could notice,  The Boss picked up his drink and made a toast. “To the best lawyers in the city and their significant others!” The group burst into laughter. My boyfriend kissed me and said, “So, did you have fun in the bathroom? I didn’t know you liked public sex.”…

To be continued…

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