Do you like reminiscing about your high school sex stories?

I have so many stories about me getting wild, my kinkiest ones are my high school sex stories. My junior year in high school was when my sexuality truly peaked. I didn’t really find any of my classmates attractive but my gym teacher Mr. Harris was so hot. He was a tall, fit black man. Every day for gym class I would make sure I brought the shortest shorts and the tightest shirt to wear.

One day towards the end of gym class,  Mr. Harris asked me to stay after because he had something to talk to me about. When all the boys left the locker room I went inside to Mr. Harris office. He told me to have a seat in the chair next to him. I was so shocked when he reached over and started rubbing on my thigh. He said, “you’re a good student but you’re going to fail my class if you don’t do something.” Moving his hand up my thigh as he was talking, stopping his hand when he was near my pussy.

I asked him if there was anything I could do to fix it.

He said, “if you have sex with me I’ll giving you a passing grade, if not you’ll fail.” Sliding his two fingers up and started massaging my pussy through my shorts. So I opened my legs and said, “ well, I don’t want to fail.” He pulled my shorts and panties down and slid his fingers into my wet pussy. He looked up at me and pulled down his pants. I could see how long his cock was through his boxers, it made me even wetter. He stopped fingering me and took off his boxers.

He bent me over the desk grabbed my ass spreading my cheeks apart. Slowly he slid the tip of his cock in and out of my pussy. Then he guided his big black cock deep inside of me making me let out a scream. He put his hand over my mouth and started stroking me harder and faster, pounding my pussy so hard I could feel him in my stomach.

He started to slow down his pace,

Quickly, he pulled his cock out of me and told me to get down and blow him. I got on my knees opened my mouth wide and he shoved my head down on his cock, I started sucking his cock nice and hard. I could tell he was a man who enjoyed hard sex. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around so he could cum all over my big ass. I bent over the desk and he drizzled his chocolate cum all over me. I just sat there with a smile on my face.

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