Public sex with Dawn

Another reason the best phone sex is with me is how much I love Public sex . LOL, I truly try to have some sort of public sex every few weeks. The last time {last night} I was at this karaoke bar. Halloween dress-up contest was going on. Like most I had dressed up, but not in the normal slutty Halloween way. I wore a LONG ankle-length skirt and strapless top. The thing is the skirt had a wrap over where there was a slit to the top. I went out with my Dom who dressed as a Scottish warrior complete with kilt. Well, and our girlfriend also but her part in this is another story.

As you can imagine as a phone sex operator I ALWAYS want kinky play. Well after we had been there a couple hours’ things were settling down some. We had said hi to everyone, danced and drank and I was feeling frisky. So I thought it would be fun to send him on stage with a major erection. I leaned over and ran my hands under his kilt. Because you do know that the difference between a kilt and skirt is underwear LOL, or so I am told. Well, they called him and he definitely needed that sporran to hide the hard-on. LOL, of course, that little leather pouch was being lifted and pushed away in an obvious way. Well, he decided to punish me with

Public sex , Thank GOD.

LOL, when he came back to the table I was sitting there very demurely. When he took my hand and pulled me close. He told me he was going to give me phone sex tips and had me start caressing his cock. BUT the monster slid his hand straight to my cunt. Now like always as soon as I had started playing with his cock I had gotten all swollen and wet.

His fingers found my clit with NO fumbling. He knows my body so well that he had me cumming before I could catch my breath. My hand froze on his cock. He grabbed me by the back of the neck kissed me, and slid his fingers into my pussy. He rubbed the heel of his hand in that perfect way and brought me to one orgasm after another. Thank GOD the music was loud. By the time he stopped forcing me to cum my chair and skirt was soaked. I was so shaken that I could not sit up.

When I finally was able to lift my head from his shoulder I KNEW who was the dom… and why. LOL especially when I looked on the other side of him and saw that our girlfriend was in a similar dazed state. And my DOM… LOL well, he was grinning like he had won a prize… But had a hard on that could drive steel into bedrock. Later that night, I showed him why I am his Kitten.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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