Pounding Werewolf Fantasy Phone Bone. Let’s Celebrate!

It’s that time of year again, huh? Time for our pounding werewolf fantasy phone bone. So, let’s celebrate, Halloween style! So, what do you think will happen?

I got the normal rush I usually got from feeding.  Moreover, there was an aphrodisiac effect along with an influx of adrenaline. Lift the red veil and cum on in!

Slamming myself up and down on his gorgeous cock made me break off my bite and let his elixir-like blood slide down my throat.  Moreover, I saw my puncture marks almost immediately, close-up.   There was a sense of humor in his eyes, along with his intelligence.  His lips formed a growl, as I felt his claws rake down my back.

You know it’s time for the Pounding Werewolf Fantasy Phone Bone!

So, for the first time in over 800-years, I felt the rush of pain, and it was cathartic, like the pounding werewolf fantasy phone bone (I digress. lol). Then, my pain spurred me on to lustful heights.  The new beast exploded inside me with a liquid warmth that filled my very soul.  At that moment, I knew I had found my soulmate and would do whatever I had to do to keep him by my side.

Additionally, the new beast was sated and slid out of me, collapsing on my kitchen floor.  “Typically male,” I thought after I locked my home and climbed the stairs to my bedroom.   I flipped the lid to my coffin and lay inside. The safest place I know is inside the warmth of my box.  Once I snuggled in, I let the most peaceful sleep since I was turned, take me.

So, in my dream-state, I pondered the reaction to bringing home my werewolf lover.

It never occurred to me that either of our families might object to our union after the pounding werewolf fantasy phone bone. I mean, we aren’t Romeo and Juliette after all. And although this may be true, I still find myself dreaming of being wrapped in those large, hairy arms and anxious for the next full moon. No matter what my family thinks about it.

We just needed to be very careful about our meetings. No one could find out about our love. I had been an orphan for so long and just having someone to love me was a craving rarely satisfied.

A sliver of moonlight piercing the darkened kitchen and the new beast started to fuck me even faster! I had not thought that possible. lol.

I stiffened in his strong wolfen arms and he sensed it immediately. “What is it, my Love?” His eyes bore into mine. I suddenly realized that I had never said the words aloud before. “My family was killed by a werewolf!”

So, it seems we both have secrets, my love. I killed him, but not before he had changed me. Your father., your precious father… was the head of the lycan clan! It was he… who turned me!“.

With a roar from the center of his being, he started to transform before my eyes, like some sort of Beowulf!

Hair started to cover his body, his arms and legs grew longer and thicker; his nails became claws, his teeth fangs even greater than mine!  And his face transformed into that of a giant timber wolf. I noticed, however, that deep within the wolf’s eyes I still saw HIM.  Then, I became distracted as his penis (not small to begin with) almost doubled its size inside me!  Never had I felt so CUMplete, and as my orgasm hit, I squirt for the first time in my life!

I finally found someone I could unleash my TRUE self upon, after centuries of being alone.

There was such pleasure in knowing he could match my ferocity stroke-for-stroke. As if to prove the point, the beast grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me over. And he had to laugh as I realized I was truly “doing it doggy-style” for the first time!  He pulled out and exploded over my back just as another orgasm started to build.

I watched the beast between my legs. Extending my arms out for him, and as he knelt down between my legs; I giggled because there were DEFINITE advantages to receiving cunnilingus from a werewolf.  We don’t see each other as often as we’d like, but keeping this kind of secret can be a full-time job! Now, I listen in the still of darkness and the fullness of the moon for my beast to cum and howl at me again. Want to know all the naughty things I do as I wait for that full moon, Baby? Call me for some hot phone sex and see what wild fun we can get into!



Pounding Werewolf Fantasy Phone Bone