Lift the Red Veil…Step Inside

To lift the red veil, you MUST be adventurous.  So, I rushed home, skidding my little red sports car into the driveway and nearly knocking one of the doors off the garage. What’s the hurry? Well, you know the saying, “Timing Is Everything”? Let me tell you how that can play out in Real Life!

Original plan – leave the office by noon, hit the market to pick up a couple of T-Bone steaks, salad mix, then hit the local BevMo’s to pick up a bottle of Cabernet and some extra Maker’s, for him. I had already taken care of picking up his favorite silk pajama bottoms and his favorite La Perla Silk nightie he had been eyeing for me.

Running upstairs wearing 5-inch heels is no easy feat for the most agile woman…yes, I am one of those. I take care of every part of my body, and it’s needed to keep my man! I barely escaped a fall on the marble steps leading up to our bedroom, but I recovered much the way an Olympian would. Phew! Running down the carpeted hall, I pushed open the double doors to the suite and rushed over to the bathtub; pouring in copious amounts of bath oil and bubbles. ,I turned scooting my fine little ass back to the bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed to remove my heels. I slid off the Cuban-heel stockings that I covet like gold. No man can resist the Cuban-heel stockings. You’ve seen and drooled over them being worn by the most elegant, sensual women for decades.

You know, the ones that have the black line running up the back of each leg…

So, ll stripped down, I piled my long, wavy brown locks atop my head, I walked back to the bath, watching myself approach from every angle of the triplet mirrors cascading along one entire wall. I smiled knowing I took great care to always look the way he first saw me…the way we fell.  After making sure of every detail a woman should; fresh Brazilian wax, perfect mani/pedi, careful diet, even after all these years.  And my daily facials…All compliments of him. Smile

I would do anything to make him happy, to keep him mine. And he deserved everything I did. He’s one of those men. The kind that makes a woman feel like a lady in the street and a complete whore to his desires in the bed. Perfect combination, the two of us.

Fresh from my bath, I draped over myself the La Perla robe and my marabou feather slippers, a quick squirt of his favorite perfume and I began to drift slowly down the steps I had nearly broken my neck on less than an hour before. I walked over to the bar and poured him a drink, got out a fresh Cohiba cigar from the standing humi and got to the door.

Hearing his car entering the driveway. I met him just as he was pushing the massive door open.

He got a full look at that which he already knew every inch of, and smiled broadly at the woman he possessed, body and soul. I handed him the drink and met his smile with a lusty one of my own. Cum upstairs, Baby. I have something waiting for you.

After dinner and another session of mind-blowing lovemaking, we came hand-in-hand back down the stairs. Taking me into his embrace and fingering an errant hair and tucking it behind my ear. “Why are you so fucking good to me, Joey?” came a question he’d asked dozens of times over our blissful years together. “Because I love you”, came my tearful reply. Tears? Yeah…always sad at this point in our evenings alone. “Please, Baby, don’t cry.

I’ll be back by dinner tomorrow, just like always”.

Nodding my head, while swiping my silly tears, I went up on my toes to kiss him passionately…like I might never see him again.  He is, in my opinion, the Prince of the Kingdom and deserves my attention.  Stepping back, I looked deeply into his gorgeous eyes and said goodbye…for now. My man was leaving…to be with his wife. But, he will ALWAYS cum back to his Joey. That brings happiness back to my heart!

More love in store…