Pantyhose Fetish: He was rock hard as the silky material slid over his balls and cock.

Pantyhose Fetish: My boyfriend has always had a pantyhose fetish. He loves it when I wear them out and tease him with them under the table. It doesn’t matter what we are doing. Whether it be movies, dinner, visiting friends or family, I always wore them. People always gave me a hard time because no matter what the occasion was, if I was with him, I was dressed up enough to always wear some pantyhose. He loved it when my sexy feet were covered in silky pantyhose too as he had a kinky foot fetish too! Click here to read one of my Hot Foot Fetish Stories!

Of course, they didn’t know why I did it. I assume they just thought I was one of those people who was brought up to always go out looking my best. I was, but at the same time, I knew it drove my boyfriend crazy so it was just an added bonus. The hot sex we would have when we got home after teasing him the whole night was always worth it! Sometimes he wouldn’t even wait for me to take my clothes off. He would pretty much attack me as soon as we got in the door. He would rip a hole right in the center of my nylons and fuck me! It was hot as fuck! I never thought having a boyfriend with a pantyhose fetish could be so hot!

It didn’t take him long to shoot his big load deep into my waiting pussy

One day I told him that if he liked how they felt so much he should put them on himself. At first, he wasn’t going to do it but I started teasing him with the silky nylon material. I would rub it all over him until he finally gave in. I helped him slide his toes into them and slowly pulled them up his legs. Inch by inch we moved the material up his legs and with each inch, his cock twitched even more. He was rock hard as the silky material slid over his balls and cock. Once they were finally all the way on I made him lay down on his back and straddled him with my bare pussy.

Of course, I was already wet for him so when my dripping, hot pussy made contact with his pantyhose covered erection the sensation made him start to buck up into me to get more. We “dry humped” for a little bit, teasing him and myself for a little while but soon it was too much. I didn’t want him to lose the feel of the material so I just pulled his cock out of the top moving the material just below his balls.

With the rest of him still covered we fucked like crazy. it didn’t take him long to shoot his big load deep into my waiting pussy. We have found so many different things to add to his pantyhose fetish now. There is never a dull moment!

No matter what your own stocking fetish may include, I know I can handle it! Give me a call and let’s play out some hot as fuck scenarios to get your cock exploding….in or out of those sexy nylons!

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