Mind Control Sex Stories: Nothing but the Softest, most Feminine and Sexiest

Mind Control Sex Stories: You come on over to my place as I have invited you to do a sexy makeover.  I offer you a drink I have blended especially for you. As you drink it you begin to feel light-headed and somewhat ditsy. You become totally under my control as you tell me you feel like your brains are being sucked out of your head. If you like I can be your Mommy and we can make some Family Sex Stories!

You lay back as you are now mine for the taking, I expertly apply your make up. Long beautiful false eyelashes, eyeliner, sparkly eyeshadow and of course blush on your cheeks. Lips are very important and yours will be a shiny pink and oh so luscious. Your skin becomes softer, more radiant as the effect of the potion transforms you.

I place a beautiful full flowing and wavy blonde head of hair on your head, then ribbons and glitter to crown you with. Shiny large hoop earrings and a rhinestone collar to accent your bimbo look.

Then I dress you, pretty pink lacy bra and panties. A tight tee-shirt covers those perky huge breasts that have grown on your chest. Silky sheer stockings cover those sexy shapely legs. A short tight skirt and the highest of heels. Nothing but the softest, most feminine and sexiest.

You are now transformed into a beautiful sexy Bimbo Slut. I know what you want, I know what your hot, sexy ass and mouth desires. Call me and let’s go there together, I will enjoy it almost as much as you do.

All those Hot Hung Sexy boys are waiting now that I have you ready, the story continues….

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