Feet Fetish: A lustful expression on his face, he got down on his knees

Feet Fetish: The plumber had finished repairing my leaky faucet and was now standing in my kitchen, awaiting payment for his services. Looking in my wallet, I realized I had no cash! How was I going to pay him?

I noticed that John couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my toned, long legs and my high-heeled strappy sandals. My feet were beautifully pedicured and I had bright pink polish on my toes. I am always in the mood for some sexy foot fun! Since I had the whole day to myself and I had forgotten to go to the bank, I thought that he might be in agreement to let me pay him in another way.

I motioned for John to follow me into my office. I sat down, stretching out my long legs right in front of him. With a lustful expression on his face, he got down on his knees. He looked up at me with an intense, almost desperate look on his face.

 I lifted my sexy feet closer to his mouth. John began licking my sexy sandals with his wet and eager tongue.

Feet Fetish: John covered my feet with soft kisses

He carefully removed my shoes, and as I soon found out he also had a Pantyhose fetish. He kissed and stroked my hose and slowly removed them. John then took my pretty feet into his large gentle hands, slowly massaging my feet.

 John covered my feet with soft kisses, then took my big toe into his mouth. He began to suck, his eyes closing as he growled with pleasure.

I could see the bulge in his snug pants. My goodness, this plumber had a nice big tool!

He definitely deserves a footjob I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to stroke his rock hard cock with my delicate arches and flexible toes!

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