Foot Fetish Stories: I ride his cock and rub my sexy feet all over his gorgeous face.

Foot Fetish Stories: One of my boyfriends has a really hot foot fetish. It has most definitely worked out to my advantage. He has been very generous buying me some beautiful sexy high heels and giving me countless foot massages. All he asks in return is for the occasional footjob, it is so fun and sexy. He has a nice cock, and stroking my toes up and down his rock hard shaft, drives him crazy. I love it when his precum drips all over my feet. I use it as lube and I smear that all over his cock with the soles of my feet while gripping his cock. I love it when he fucks my feet, I love to wrap them around his throbbing cock. I love to write stories about different fetishes and him having a sexy Feet Fetish is something I can definitely relate to!

Foot Fetish Stories: Being really flexible definitely has its benefits.

He also loves to worship and suck on my toes. I keep them perfectly pedicured and always have my nails painted sexy colors. He kisses the tips of each toe and then sucks them into his mouth and runs his tongue between my toes, I love I the way it tickles. I love to sit with my feet in his lap while we watch TV together. He rubs my sexy feet and I squish his balls lightly through his jeans and I love it when he gets rock hard.

Being really flexible definitely has its benefits. I really blow his mind and he blows his big load deep inside me when I ride his cock and rub my sexy feet all over his gorgeous face.

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