Panty Fetish with lingerie that gets you feeling like a mad man once you feel how wet I got on the phone.

The Panty Fetish mood struck hard and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. My very sexy, built neighbor was over and we were sharing a bottle of wine. Nothing major at first, just listening to records and talking but I’ve always had a thing for him. Ever since I saw him in the laundry room without his shirt on, and that million pack was permanently burned into my mind I am permanently wet for him and craved that playtime my pussy desperately needed. He looked up at me in that picturing me naked kind of way, and I took it in leaning over and kissing him so seductively. The kiss lasted a full side of Smoke + Mirrors and could have lasted all night for all I was concerned.

He was the best kiss I have ever had, and I kept wondering what else I could use his tongue on. He got up to fix the record and I began to feel the sensation of my lacy black panties getting wetter and wetter. This kinky phone sex little thought popped into my head while I watched him change the record. Tiffany? Hmmm I don’t remember having that album. Again my mind raced with a sort of threesome fantasy. You came to mind right away. I wondered what you were doing? If you were in bed, or if you were jerking your cock off. Thoughts of your dick inside me flooded my head, and I reached into my purse and snuck my phone out. I wanted to fuck this guy while you listened.

All I had to do now is seduce my beautiful neighbor selling him on the idea, and all you had to do was answer the phone.

My neighbor was back on the couch now and back in my arms looking to take things even further, and so was I.  As I was wiggling my hips under him, and getting breathy, I told him I had to make a call. He pulled back to give me space because I just leaned into him harder telling him not to stop. “Keep going” I ordered. He couldn’t have been more excited with his cock swelling and bulging against his pants. As I dialed your number I wondered what you would say to GFE Phone Sex getting so naughty.

The line was ringing my guests hand slid up my skirt and he started rubbing my soaking wet pussy. My Panty Fetish Phone Sex panties were drenched. I heard you breathe on the other end of the phone. Knowing you were there wanting me too I said hello. You told me you needed me because I’m always on your mind. The girl who has everything you ever wanted. Maybe you feel the same way about me, and maybe you don’t. This much I do know, I have to taste you, Alyssa. I thought to myself, I love that I am not alone in my obsessions.

Sweet Phone Sex