Outdoor festival sex isn’t for the faint of heart. (Nor is it always for the sober of mind.) Partakers knowingly expect some obstacles. But if you go in prepared and aware of your surroundings, it can be some of the craziest, sexiest, naughtiest fun of your life!

In Public, But Private? Or A Full Show?

Top 10 Music Festivals for Outdoor Festival Sex
I’m not saying I’ve had sex at ALL of these, but I’m not NOT saying that, either. bit.ly/MusicFestivalSexTicPick

If you’ve never experienced fucking in public, it may come as a surprise to find there is a bit of a learning curve to do it comfortably. In real estate, they say: “location, location, location.” The same should be applied here. Are you the sort who doesn’t mind getting seen or does the thought mortify you? Fucking in public doesn’t mean being on full display necessarily. It thrills me to fuck in public but somewhere out of full view.

Some of us couldn’t care less if anyone sees or hears what we get up to. Down to fuck means down to fuck no matter who is around! For example, in my last post about being a sexy festival girl, I said:

People fuck everywhere. I mean that very literally. Guys shove girls up against trees along the walking path and just start fucking.

If you don’t mind being seen, then the location won’t really matter to you one bit!

Like Scar Says… Be Prepared!

Girls share tips and tricks while applying layers of glitter onto each other’s tits at an EDM festival. Water-based lube is better because of no condom breakage. But if your girl is good going bareback, they all seem to recommend silicone. It lasts way longer than water-based. We can lube up in the morning and get fucked several times during the day that way. Silicone-based lube survives in water also.

Prepare for awkward positions if you’re trying to go the stealthy route. You may need to squeeze into a tight place (other than her cunt ha) to get after it. Take advantage of flat surfaces if you can find them. Even a seat proves more beneficial than grass fucking. It looks romantic but it’s not. After the heat and hormones, it’s gross to clean up cum from your thighs when there’s grass and sand between your legs. Similarly, you’re there for the actual shows too. Rushing the stage covered in cum feels even worse than it sounds. Unless you’re a cum whore like me. In which case, you’ll arrive at the stage with cum dripping down your thighs feeling fucking amazing and ready to party!

Outdoor Festival Sex

Top Locations for Outdoor Festival Sex
I’ve sex in all of these locations except the Port-a-Potty. That’s just not really my scene. bit.ly/MusicFestivalSexTicPick

I cannot stress this enough, and TicPick would tend to agree, tent sex is hot as fuck. People fucking in tents around you may drive you insane. All of the moaning with just thin layers of tent fabric walls shared between couples inches away makes me wet even thinking about it. Outdoor festival sex doesn’t have to mean fucking in the yard.

The hottest sex I ever had an EDM show was with a hookup I met there named Chris. We barely knew each other when he followed me back to my tent. We both got high and he pounded me through the tent floor. I wailed like a whore and the other tents cheered for us when I screamed his name and he finished inside me. Nothing like applause after an orgasm.


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